The Idiotic Mr. Denson

(A flashback in past tense to explain the events leading up to "Running Late")

Diane's night did not go well.

After obediently trussing up to please her mother in her Givenchy dress and driving halfway across town, Diane was disappointed to find that the "Rich Young Man" her insensitive mother had invited to dinner, was the boorish, narcissistic son of an obscure and equally narcissistic politician. 

He had vulgar manners, he hunched over the soup, and munched loudly throughout the fish. 

He made jokes about the "Help," maids who had helped raise Diane, suggesting that they were nearing their replacement date. 

That idiot Mr. Denson, had even had the audacity to grab her and try to kiss her, in front of her parents! Diane had slapped him, of course, but instead of asking Mr. Denson to leave, Diane's horrible mother had demanded that Diane apologize. 

Diane's father sat silently and mournfully at the head of the table the entire course of the evening, picking uncomfortably at his salad. 

Diane stood, slapped Mr. Denson a second time - for good measure, thanked Missy and Miranda, the maids for dinner, and left. 

In retrospect, Diane realized that it was a miracle that she did not kill someone or herself. She did not stop or slow until she collided with her mailbox, where she promptly killed the engine, stumbled out of the car, and collapsed on the porch.


The End

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