Running Late

Henry Hayes is running late, almost an hour late. 

His customers are generally good natured about it, or don't even seem to notice, but that doesn't make it any better for him. Henry hates to be late. Being late is such a bother; it means that he misses the Ed Sullivan Show, and it means that he loses precious hours of relaxation. 

Henry urges the little truck faster, emblazoned "Henry Hayes Dairy Delivery", wishing he was at home having dinner. 

Now there is only one last stop. Henry coasts around the street corner, slows for the children on the sidewalk, and parks on the curb of the Brenneman residence.

Ms. Brenneman's Silver Wraith Rolls-Royce is parked haphazardly on the finely watered lawn, it's front fender is smashed. The mailbox is obliterated.

Two cream colored heels and a red purse lay strewn on the grass.

And pretty, sweet Miss Brenneman is sitting on the front step,  with her head in her hands,  weeping.

Henry jumps from the truck, forgetting Ed Sullivan entirely.

The End

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