A Little Too Eager

What does love care for society and proper conduct? Nothing.
A period piece set in New York in 1955.

(Please understand, I have done extensive research on the decade and in order to keep the historical integrity of the piece I will address racial segregation in America. Know that any racial prejudice displayed by the characters is NOT a representation of my beliefs - racism makes my blood boil - but a reflection of the tumultuous times.)

It is five fourteen in the evening and Diane Brenneman is waiting by the great bay window. She paces the floor anxiously, almost giddy with excitement. 

She stops, checks the clock - it is now five fifteen PM - and then resumes. 

She peers out of the window for the millionth time, feeling ridiculous but unable to restrain herself from just one more peek. 

It is now five sixteen PM. Diane is becoming breathless. She straightens her hair, rearranges her pearl brooch, and pinches her cheeks. Soon, soon, soon! Her heart sings. The telltale automobile rumbling becomes audible, and Diane's heart jumps into her throat.

And suddenly, he is there, in his navy blazer and crisp white pants. He is as dashing and as handsome as Diane remembers. Her knees buckle a little as he nears the door, and summoning all of her womanly courage, Diane gives a little wave from the window. 

He smiles and waves back, just as he always does, picks up the empty milk bottles from the porch, climbs back into his truck, and drives away leaving her feeling empty again. Just as he always does.

Diane slumps to the floor, defeated, but heart still fluttering.

"I'm hopeless." She moans.

The End

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