The next morning

By the time Kate awoke, she was lying in a hospital bed. Her first thought were those headlights, beaming at her. She was cleaned up by nurses but still looked awful. The police say she must have flown about 100 feet.  It wasn't long after Kate's consciousness that she remembered the way she felt when she saw that lady in the street and how she so badly longed to take away her suffering.
Kate twitched nervously, resulting in major pain. She had changed the woman's fate by the intensity of her compassion. She has changed her own as well. 
It was clear to Kate that she appeared at the scene just in time for that woman to get the help Kate wanted to give. She might not have envisioned it that way, but the deed was done. 
Kate half-smiles to herself because she saved a lady's life, until cringing from the pain. 
She herself was almost killed for trying to help someone else.
Kate thinks about that for a moment and thinks it's unfair. As she lies in the hospital bed, she begins to feel angry and irritable about the situation. It made no sense to her that by changing someone's fate for the better, could worsen hers. 

The End

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