Taking college classes, making new friends and going to parties, Kate is living a normal freshman year at college.
Until one day after a freak accident, Kate wakes up and realizes she has the power to change people's destiny including her own. Initially afraid of her new powers, Kate begins to understand how she can help herself and others around her.
However, with every change made, there are consequences


"Kate, where are you going?"

Kate turned around to discover the question belonged to her best friend Brendon.  Six foot two, skinny as a pencil, with long brown hair and ocean blue eyes, Brendon had always "looked out" for Kate as long as she could remember. The two were complete opposites and yet had always balanced each other out; while Brendon was always aloof and the center of everybody's attention, Kate was shy and quiet. While Brendon had always been athletic, Kate had always been studious. Because of this, the two had helped each other out, with Kate helping Brendon getting into the University of Washington's Engineering department, and Brendon helping Kate get onto the UW's women's tennis team.

The pain in Kate's head was steadily growing more severe now. What is going onI haven't had anything to drink and I was feeling okay just 10 minutes ago Kate thought.

"I'm okay" Katie lied, wincing through the pain. "Too much partying...I'm going to head back now. See you...tomorrow...in Philosophy lecture".

As Kate left the party, she was greeted with the darkness of the night outside the house. As she staggered down the stairs leading out of the house, Kate shivered from the biting cold air outside.

Weird, Kate thought. It was like 80 degrees today. I don't think they said on the weather forecast it was supposed to be this cold.

While Kate was taking small-steps back to her dorm, along the dark, winding sidewalk passing by other student houses and fraternities, in the distance Kate could see a silhouette of someone or something lying still on the road. Anxious and very concerned if it were a person, Kate ran forward to investigate.

As Kate approached, she was horrified to find that it was a woman lying on the road. To help her, Kate kneeled beside her. At first, Kate didn't recognize her, but noticed that the woman was suffering multiple injuries and severely bleeding. As Kate checked for a pulse while dialing for an ambulance, Kate thought she heard the woman groan and then utter a few words.

"Watch...out....Be...careful...of...him", the woman struggled to say.

Before Kate had the chance to reply, there was sudden bright headlights of a car, a sharp loud honk and everything went black.

(Author's note: Beginning intentionally left blank for the moment. I might go back and fill in Kate's story, but thought it could be fun for someone else to collaborate and write!)

The End

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