Definitely Not Feminism

Not about feminism.

In "The Age of Miracles", the characters are confronted with a object, a big change. And it is the character's job to adapt and overcome the change. This related to be because when I first came back to america after 7-8 years it was a pretty big change and I had to adapt.

 The characters in "The Age of Miracles" aren't really adapting. They are just changing not in the good way. Everyone(there are exceptions) are panicking.

 I don't have a view of the world and there nothing in the book that stands out to me that I consider wrong.

 In the The Age of Miracles the earth is slowing down and the same is happening right now in our world(very slowly). I learned that from doing a bit of research.  The text was good enough as entertainment. 

The End

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