Not EnoughMature

                        NOT ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 It’s a sad lonely time on the floor in the bathroom.

As bloods dripping from your arm and puke from your lips.

It’s just you and the pain of it all.




You bring it all on yourself,

Somehow it comforts you.

There is just something about hurting the person you see in the reflection,

The one you hate so much.

Your soul is darkened when you see that person.

You hate no one more than the one in the mirror.

It’s not too hard to take the blade and run it across your cold pale arm.

It’s not too hard to take your fingers and shove them down your throat.

Releasing the pain and anger.

Taking out all the fat and ugly.

Feeling empty is much better than full of pain and suffering…

It’s just never enough.

Nothing you do will ever be enough.

You’re not enough.

The End

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