Two years after the fall:

(John's point of view)

It was all I remember from that bloody day. I never see Julie since that day, she's still "out of London" but she always sent me email and asked about how I was doing. I never told her but a month after "that day" I changed my apartment. It wasn't easy to fight with past so I gave up but I still see Mrs. Hudson.

Anyway tonight Julie will come back and I asked her to have dinner at the landmark hotel. Well, I have to say that I am pretty excited. Julie is just like someone I know but I don't know who. It was funny for me that she barely knows Sherlock but she tries to help me about him (actually losing him). She worries about me all the time and asks me about how am I, she reminds me of my pathologist.

Evening at the Landmark hotel:

I was waiting for Julie and I had to dispute with the waiter. Ugh…

But after a few minutes she came, she was exactly like she was two years ago. She was wearing a purple dress in 1920's theme… well I like it.

"So… Hi! How are you? Is everything fine or…?" She said.

-I think yes… and you? How you doing?

- Tired but good thanks… so you are still fighting?

At last! I had to tell her. "Well…you know it was quite difficult for me to do it… so I changed my flat and…" I thought that she tell me I wasn't strong enough or something.

-Oh… I understand maybe it could be so much easy for a person without heart like me but for a kind one like you… well….

I was confused "No heart"? Something was quite familiar but still I wasn't able to see it crystal-clear. And after that the waiter came:

- Sir, I think you'll find this vintage exceptionally to your has all the qualities of the old, with some of the colour of the new.

- No, sorry, not now, please.

- Like a gaze from a crowd of strangers ... suddenly one is aware of staring into the face of an old friend.

- No, look, seriously ...


"Interesting thing, a tuxedo. Lends distinction to friends, and anonymity to waiters." He said.

I wanted to transform that silly smile to a cry.

"Why now? Don't you see we are trying to eat dinner? "Julie whispered.

Sherlock: Well in short words…NOT DEAD.

And then he turned to Julie: I'm sorry I didn't know…

"You didn't know? I TOLD YOU!"

I slammed my hand down onto the table: YOU…KNEW!

"Well…. to be polite, yes I knew"

The End

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