Not dead!

A fan-fiction of Sherlock and John and Riona (Let's find out who is she!)

After the fall:

John was really upset and sad , when Greg offered him to take him home he ignored he needed to be alone. He didn't notice to the girl who was coming to him so he bumped into her. "Sorry" He whispered. Then he noticed to the girl she was around 20 or 21 with black hair with curls on the bottom of them. She was wearing a purple scarf and a dark raincoat. Her dark eyes seemed friendly but deep cold at the same time. John though he know her somehow but he didn't know who she was.

"No problem," Said the girl, "you look sad...Oh," She looked at the ambulance, "He was your friend, wasn't he?"

John nodded. "What happened ? I mean if you don't mind..." Said the girl.

John wasn't going to talk about that but he somehow told everything from the time he first met Sherlock.

"Oh! I can't believe those "Katie Riley Junks." ... May I take you home?" Said the girl.

"Um...I was thinking about..."John Said.

-Come on! You can't get a taxi or walk home in this way! And by the way I'm Alexandra White.

Alexandra took John to baker street with her car. "Here is my number if you had any problem...well give me a call"

" I was thinking to leave here..."Said John.

- I don't recommend this because it means that you gave up on the past but I can't force you it's up to yourself. Any way I'm leaving London today but I'll be in England...So stay in touch.

The End

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