A chance to forgiveMature

A tall man, cloaked in the blackest of blacks, stalked the streets of

London late that night, skulking in the shadows of ramshackle old buildings that had long since been abandoned.

Another man, appeared, as if from nowhere, leering at the first. His twisted features simply grotesque, as if in a deliberate attempt to disgust this mysterious man before him.

The first man stared, through his think scarf and low-worn hat that hid his face from view. And then said, in an English accent smooth as silk and menacing beyond belief,

“Jason! Son, I was concerned that you wouldn’t come to our little meeting. But your here, and that shows me just how much you care.”

“YOU are not my father, I didn’t come of my own free will and if I should ever get the chance to rip your throat out I would do so gladly!!! “ Jason snapped at his supposed father.

“Now, son, you know I could never bring myself to hurt you! Why ever would you do such a thing?”

"Yes you bloody well could, forgetting that little incident with the teeth and my neck are we?"

Don’t bring that up because your bitter, son.

Get out of my head you cunt!!!

Not until you listen.

Why summon me here when it’s obvious that I hate you??

“Because, if you try to kill yourself after every time you feast it will eventually work, leaving you lifeless and me, sonless. You wouldn’t want to do that to poor old me would you?”

“I have no reason to live, so why take others who have one? It isn’t jealousy, that’s too human for me. It’s a raw hunger. A part of me which I hate, I loathe to even acknowledge it.” Jason mumbled.

“If you had your reason, reason to live, would you stop trying to leave me?” The mysterious man whispered in James’ ear, in his silky, purring voice.

“If I had reason to live I wouldn’t be trying to kill myself, but I would never forgive you for what you have taken from me.”

“If I could return the best of what I took, could you eventually forgive me?”

The mysterious, silky-voiced man turned and strode into the darkness, leaving the boy standing there, stunned at his words. A cold wind swept through the alleyway, and neither man nor boy were seen again in this dark, cold place.

Jason had stormed off in a southerly direction, leaving the mysterious figure behind, and as far behind as possible I might add.

That bastard! He can't seriously believe I can stop trying to kill myself? His so called reasons are blood, thirst and me. Why is he so clingy? Because I’m the only one he didn’t kill with his greed he has some claim to me? I think not. I follow my own dictation, and I don’t care about him. Should I get the chance to kill him I will. The one murder I want to commit, the only one I can't. How ironic.

“Am I that bad son?”

He fell to his knees, his hands clasped around his head in a bone crushing hold that would kill anyone else.

Get out of my head you bloody maniac!”his mind’s voice said smugly.

“Not until you accept that I am your creator and henceforth your father.”

“My father died by your hand, I choose to never accept or acknowledge your connection to me.”

“When I find you your present, you wont be so un-cooperative.”

“Your sick idea of a present is exactly why I reject you.”

He ran like a madman, tearing through the streets of London. The passers by stopped and stared as he ran recklessly past, with no concern for either himself or the poor soul who he may crash into. He had run to the main roads, which were deserted, mainly due to the fact that the clock was striking midnight and all were asleep. He decided to run out onto the road, he threw himself in front or an oncoming BMW and lay on the ground, praying for this to work where it had not, so many times before.

He felt the car hit him, 50km per hour of force behind it, He heard the deafening roar of metal on metal, the screeching of an emergency brake and the screaming of the cars passengers. The collision was massive, despite the stillness of the street earlier, a crowd clothed in nightdresses and bathrobes began to mass around the point of impact like bees chasing a hive. Deciding that this was as good a time as any Jason staggered to his feet, completely unscathed and stumbled in the opposite direction of the crowd, who were so focused on the well-being of those in the car they never noticed the beautiful boy sombrely walk away from the scene of his own attempted suicide.

I’m hopeless, I can’t even kill myself successfully, I wish that bastard would tell me what to use to kill myself, put me out of my eternal misery.

Jason protested, and ran as far and as fast as he could, desperately trying to sever the connection which he loathed. He knew from experience that if he ran, and didn’t look back, if he got far enough, it would go away. And he was counting on this.
Jason thought begrudgingly.

The End

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