not another vampire love storyMature

well, heavily influenced my vampire knight and twilight, i often found myself thinking that "it would be better if this character did that"
then i started writing this. I actually got a lot written in microsoft word, but for simplicity's sake ill upload one chapter at a time.



"Awwww!" I groaned.

"You can't do that! It's just mean!" I pleaded with my mother, begging for her to see sense in my words.

"NO! Michelle, if you don't want to move then you can just stay here and we'll leave you behind. God only knows how much time we've already wasted on this matter." My mother snapped at me.

"But mum, England’s no use! We can't start over just because you want it so bad!"

That had done it.

“Michelle, you know I don’t like to shout, but you’re getting on my last nerve! Were going to move to England and that’s the end of it!”

I could see that pulsing blue vein that threatened to explode every time my mother was wound up like this. It seemed like I wasn’t going to win this battle, but yet I soldiered on, hoping that by some miracle, she may agree with me. One moment of doubt and I could work my way in from there.

“Mum, I think we both know it’s a false hope. Since dad moved to England that doesn’t mean we have to as well. I know his business trip has been extended, but I’m sure he’ll be back with us in no time.” I crooned, trying to calm my other down.

She always needed me. Never before has she needed me more. My dad was called out to England on business. It was originally only going to be three months then back home to Ireland, where he belongs.

Then that damn call came, and all he told us was that he wasn’t sure of when he was coming home. This worried us. Never before had that man been unsure about anything. “It’s his Dad coming back to haunt us!” my Aunt Brigit had laughed so many times before. My dad was just like his own. Always on time, always prepared. That’s why this was troubling both of us.

“Michelle, it isn’t like him to do this to us!” she groaned, and collapsed in my arms.


I thought to myself. She’s taking words from my head again!

My mother knew me too well to win an argument with her. She could have your answer before you had it yourself. And an inconceivable mountain of knowledge about you that even you don’t know. It seriously freaks me out.

“Mum, you can’t go all the way to Britain in your condition! The doctor says...” I began to say, but she cut me off.

“That’s it! Michelle, you go, find your father and drag that idiot back here!” She exclaimed.

Reasons why this is stupid:

I’m a minor I should be here to protect my mum

We have no money we have no idea where he is

We don’t even know that the delay will be long.

Seeing the look on my face, she practically extracted my little list from the safety of my head, then twisted it and counteracted it.

“I have some cash saved up, and last time he called I contacted his boss and I got an address!”

Bye bye lifelines. I really will miss you.

“Mum, this is crazy; I can’t go on my own! My direction is so bad I get lost in tescos!” I pleaded, one little lifeline had stayed behind to help me.

“Bring a friend! Liz went on that trip to Essex with you didn’t she? And I heard that her parents need somebody to be with her this week while they are on their honeymoon! It all works out great!” She concluded, in the voice that I knew only too well. The I did it and I’m proud of it voice.

She had it all planned out! Why didn’t I see that? How could I have been so daft, I should have known she’d pull something like this? Guess I have no hope now. Run little lifeline, run and be free.OK” I sighed. Resigning me to her will, knowing it was by far the safest thing to do.

Oh, yay!” She squealed delightedly, “I’ll call the new Mr and Mrs England! Isn’t it great they finally got married? The wedding was lovely, it’s a shame you weren’t there.”

They didn’t invite any kids, it was in the Caribbean!

“Yeah, shame.” I agreed half-heartedly. 

"Are you okay dear?" Mum asked, concerned.

“No mum, I’m just scared, what if I get mugged in England, or, worse!” Might as well play it from all angles while I can.

“Like I hadn’t thought of that! Your father’s in London, not Las Vegas! Go and pack, and no more whingeing from ye or I’m sending your brother with you.”Sure, she can send him WITH me but not INSTEAD of me. Really well thought through.

But, the prospect of a week searching for my father with my older brother at my heels was just daunting enough to get me moving. It also awakened the optimist within me, and so, as I climbed the carpeted stairs of my unbearably magnolia home I began to think of the benefits a trip to mainland Britain would give me. So, dreaming of monumental shopping sprees and outrageous parties I stuffed my well-worn second-hand suitcase with my favourite clothes, my best books, and a first aid kit. Knowing me, I was sure I would need it.

One VERY long car journey, lunch in KFC and hours waiting in ques later we were sat for an hour in the airport terminal, waiting to be sheparded into the aircraft that would whisk Liz and me away to the far-off land of England. 

“I’m so bored!” Liz grumbled, barely able to stay awake. She was my best friend, and has been since before we even knew what a school was. Our friendship had survived trials such as transfer papers, going to schools in different counties and even the death of her dog, Misty, at my father’s hand. (Or car, as the case may be)

“I know, why do we need to show up an hour early to check in? Don’t they think we could have something better to do rather than sit here and buy dodgy ice-cream?” I ranted, my optimism all gone in the heat of the crowded terminal.

“I heard the weather in England is worse than it is in Ireland.”

“We’ll feel right at home then” I mumbled, gritting my teeth to stop the flow of cheeky sarcasm.

“Its not all bad,” Liz said softly “Think of all those monuments and the history of the place!”

Typical Liz. She’s the kind-hearted, loving friend every girl needs. Her hair was always worn in a plait, golden waves with a copper tinge, and her clothes were always so colourful and vibrant. Not that she needed them to stand out in a crowd, she was tall enough to do that for herself.

Her mother died when she was very young, she was a friend of my mother’s. I was told that's when we met, two toddlers completely oblivious to the sorrow that surrounded us that day. Since then her life has picked up.

Her father recently re-married, she gets straight A’s at her new school and is popular beyond belief in her class.

“Liz?” I asked, once the brute force of my annoyance could no longer make itself present in my words, “Do you think this trip to England is a good idea? I mean, what if there’s no getting my dad to come home and we get lost or if ...”

I stopped there. I didn’t want to go further. That was one can of worms I wouldn’t ever open, for fear that it would drive me crazy at the mere thoughts it contained.

“It will all be fine, you have the address for him don’t you? There’s nothing to worry about. After all, I know you’re no navigator, but I’m here, and I’m not hopeless like you!” she laughed.

I laughed too. Good old Liz, always knows how to cheer me up.

"I have a bad feeling about this too you know. Like the feeling you get before a roller coaster starts. I think we're right to be afraid, but we can't run away. We have to do this." Liz mumbled at my side, strangely changing her argument suddenly. Then she sparked into life and jumped off the cold hard airport seat and almost shouted

"That’s why we're doing this! We cannot fear this minor task, so we shall face it headfirst and prove our fears to be unfounded!"

"Liz, were you, by any chance, watching Brave heart last night?" I asked, knowing the answer.

"Um... well... I might have. But that doesn’t change the fact that we have to go and find your dad."

"Uh huh. And was that in the movie too?" I asked, A subject change would do quiet nicely here.

Then, the highly professional voice of one of the staff in the airport that had been ringing throughout the airport all morning called our flight, so we stood up and grabbed our carry-on luggage, which for me was just my handbag and a packet of polo's in my pocket, and headed towards the gate.

The End

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