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We stood in each others embrace for a while until her grip overcame my tolerance again and I backed away. She seemed to understand even though I didn't say anything. We both were silent as we stared out at the city. I could see the craters in the distance. We'd been warned so many times about that disaster that when it finally happened, the damage done felt like it was deserved. They said a meteor broke apart in our atmosphere and spewed out chaos and destruction when it hit close to our city. The roots this place shared with the rest of the world crumbled shortly after. The bridges had been hit and I recall that some people had gotten away safely while others had died trying. I was one of those that survived. I doubted that I should've been one of those people, but I now felt an obligation to do all I could to restore the life we all had before.

Black had been right when she referred to the world from before as a “paradise”. I noticed how hard it became to survive after resources ran short. It was difficult for me before, but things eventually got worse. Not to mention, I'd never even seen my family shortly after they left me behind. I would often hear about their villainous exploits and wrongdoings. I recently found out that they'd become very powerful through their use of force and violence. They were nothing like us. We were bound by unity and I'd gotten word that those deemed “untrustworthy” were quickly killed off by that group my family was in.

My thoughts then returned to their motives. What use would they have for this area? Perhaps they needed a place to establish their empire. If they thought it was going to be an easy area to take, they were mistaken. I didn't want to fight with or against them, but it was bound to happen. I was in no way prepared for this at all.

While my mind was still consumed by my own thoughts, she got my attention by taking my hand in hers. She was looking down at me with a serious, yet caring expression.

“You're still afraid, aren't you?”

“If the rumours are true, we're in big trouble.”

“We'll be fine, White. We haven't held this area as long as we have by doing nothing, remember? Hopefully, you'll see what I mean when we take down some intruders tomorrow.”

“W-When did we decide to go after them?”

“You were out cold. We had to make some sort of a plan.”

“Can we try talking to them?”

“They're heavily armed. They clearly are not here to talk.” She frowned.


“Not the ones you've gotten yourself all worked up for, no.”

“Ah, so they are out there.”

“Let's not worry about that for now. Some rest will do you good, yeah?”

“Yeah, I do need to relax a bit, I think.”

“You think? You're a bundle of stress, I can tell. Let's get back inside, it's getting cold out here.”

“A-Alright.” I followed close behind her and we went back downstairs.

Instead of going back to the room I slept in, she took me an area of the building I hadn't seen before. Of course, I was led in almost a dizzying pattern and I couldn't seem to remember how to get back to where we were before if I needed to. She went down the hallway and opened the door at the end of it. It was a little hard to see right now, but I managed to make my way through the darkness.

The scene before me was a little surprising when Black turned a light on. There was a bunch of junk and posters strewn about, along with a number of weapons. My gaze then went to Black, who seemed oddly proud of herself.

“Not bad, huh?” She said with a grin.

“I'm not sure I understand.”

“It's my room, genius.”


“What? You gonna complain about the 'mess' too? It's fine, really. I know where everything is. Well, most of the time, anyway.”

“Why'd you bring me here?” I avoided her eyes so she couldn't see the redness on my face.

“To sleep? Unless you had other ideas?” She hinted suggestively.

“I am pretty exhausted still. But...maybe we could make time for something?” My voice was quiet.

“I like the sound of that.” That grin made its way to her face again.

She approached me and took my hand in hers again. The room was still a little dark and I ended up tripping a few times as she lead to somewhere I couldn't see. I then noticed that it was probably the bed she slept in. A number of thoughts raced through my head, some of them rather...sinful.

Black had me sit and I did what she wanted. She sat close beside me and pulled me a little closer by wrapping her arm around my waist. My heart was in my head. I had no idea what she was planning. This was something else I wasn't really ready for, either. She seemed to be able to tell that I was nervous and brushed my cheek gently with her fingertips before listing my chin to kiss me. She pulled away when she noticed I got tense.

“Hey, White?” Her voice was quiet.

“I'm not sure if I can do this.” I mumbled while looking down.

“I'm not gonna force you into it. I may not be much of a good person, but I've got some decency left, I think.”


“Have you ever been with anyone before?”

“No. Not really a good setting for it, I think.”

“Ah, that is one way to see it, I guess.”

“What were those before me like?”

Black got noticeably tense and made a fist at her side. I didn't want to think that I'd angered her. I knew I shouldn't have asked something so heavy like that. I knew better than this, didn't I? And yet around her, all of my logic didn't matter. I was able to feel some relief from those thoughts whenever she was close. I was also pretty sure I'd grown really fond of her during the time I'd spent with her, but I hadn't a clue how to show it.

“Some were like you. Wanted to help everyone. Change everything. In the end, they were the ones who changed...” Her voice had a pained tone to it.

The End

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