Black and RedMature

I stood there and immediately felt something off with the air around us. Hawk saw me and cursed under her breath. Red heard this and somehow sent knives into the pillar just inches from her. I wasn't sure how she was doing this. As she walked closer, I could see the blood on her hands. This caused more memories to flash through my mind, but I resisted to be overcome by them.

I'd seen her before at that facility, I was sure of it. I'd seen her kill so many of the people who worked there. Back then, she's completely ignored me, but the second I felt her eyes stare into mine, there was a noticeable difference in the air. I was sure she was manipulating it somehow and that's how she could control those knives so easily.

Red lifted her hand and shot several of them towards me. I shut my eyes out of fear and waited for the pain. When it didn't come, I saw that Hawk had stood in front of me, the knives had gone into her back.

I inched away and contemplated running away and hiding. With Red's eyes still on me, I didn't think I could get very far. Hawk then somehow regained herself and shot several rounds towards her. They stopped in the air just inches from Red's face.

Hawk cursed again angrily.

“Get out of here!”

“No, I...won't do that anymore. I can't run from everything.” My gaze went from her to Red.

“This isn't the time for you to change your ways. It'll just kill you!”

“Don't worry. I've got this.” Despite Hawk's protests, I walked past her and up to our enemy, who was strangely still emotionless.

“Damn it all...” Hawk's voice drowned out behind me.

Like I expected, I got more knives my way. There was a hint of annoyance in Red's face after they'd come to a halt in the air shortly after she'd shot them. My mind was quickly getting strained due to what I was doing. I hadn't a clue that I was even capable of this.

The blades twitched in the air as she tried to regain control of them. I held them in place with all I had. This, however, was my downfall when my attention was broken as knives hit me from behind. I groaned and I carefully drew them out of my own wounds and threw them her way.

Red regained the control of the knives and stared over at me in a threatening way. She took a few steps towards me and when the weapons inched towards me, I was much too tired to hold them off again. She made a gesture with her hands that shot the knives at me once again. I tried with all my might to hold them back, but they merely twitched from my influence. Just before I was hit, similar blades intercepted them and flung them away from view.

Dumbfounded, I looked around and saw Black appear from the darkness, that blade held at her side. I got the strangest sensation from it. Something about it resembled whatever had been in the air when Red launched her knives.

They both didn't say a thing as they stared at each other. Red's face showed that she wasn't quite pleased with Black's presence. Several other of our members came into the darkened room and helped Hawk to get her feet. She protested when they tried to take her back, but she was too exhausted to fight them off for long.

The second Red saw them, I watched in utter panic and she threw knives at our allies. They were then flung away like before. The blade that Black was holding somehow summoned smaller blades into the air, similar to Red's ability, but it seemed like Black's weapon had these built in. Red quickly got frustrated with her failed efforts and threw all of her arsenal at Black, including a number random objects that had just so happened to be on the ground.

Black managed to ward off this strike and that was when my allies had reached me. I let them lead me back home, as I knew I was pretty much useless in that sort of fight. The last thing I saw of it was Red clearly backing away into the darkness of which she came. Moments after that, everything went black.

The End

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