Watching and WaitingMature

Later that day, I decided to go out with Hawk to “forage”. I wasn't sure what she'd meant by this and I was on edge for most of the trip. She didn't seem to be actually searching and was going off in one direction in silence. I wondered why she'd even want me to join her.

We then came to a large warehouse. Hawk paused and looked around before kicking in a window and slipping inside. She then held a hand out to me.

“Come on.”

“Is this even safe?”

“It's a little late to ask such things, don't you think?” She stated, unimpressed.

I sighed and accepted her help. The inside of the building was dark and cold. It was also quiet to a point my ears hurt from it. I almost lost her as she went off into the darkness. I wondered what she was searching for. Hawk then came to a halt and kept her back to me.

“I heard something worrying the other day.”

“Um, what was that?”

“Tsk, I'm sure you know all about it, Alcastiel.” She said my last name with bitter distaste.

“W-what?” I backed away, but then she came in close.

“How'd you assume I wouldn't find out?”

“So, what? You brought me here to kill me? Is that it?”

I saw her hesitate for a moment. This was a first.

“No. Not now, anyway. What I want to know is if your story is really the truth? Did they really abandon you, or is this an elaborate plan to bring our group down?”

“I haven't even seen my family for years! Like, yes, there's a lot of gaps in my memory especially after I'd escaped from that facility, but I'm not with either of them, I swear!”

She paused again, a familiar darkness flashed through her eyes for a moment.

“You were there, too? They took Black and I was forced to assume that I'd lost her. She was never quite the same after I found her again.”

“I don't exactly remember what they did to me, but you must believe me. Please?”

She turned away again.



“Your name is one thing, but what you choose to do is another, I guess. I shouldn't hold you responsible for something you couldn't control. Forgive my paranoia, White. I just hope you understand why I had to be that way.” She sighed and looked quite stressed.

“I do.”

“I sense doubt in your words. I don't blame you since I was being kind of an ass. Here, I want to show you something. I've heard you like to read, am I right?” She said as she went into another of the rooms.

“W-well yes. Since I don't really do well with much else...”

“Yeah, right. I've seen your aim improve at a almost surprising rate. Which is odd because I know you can't see too far away to begin with.”

“Um, how did...?”

“Let's just say you're not the only one who can read people around here. Anyway, here we are.” Hawk walked up to some of the boxes.

“What's in there?”

“Take a look for yourself.”

I went up to one and lifted the edges apart. Several magazines were inside. They were all stacked neatly and appeared as though they'd never been even touched.

“These were to be released several days after the tragedy happened. They never got around to that, obviously. I was searching through this place recently and thought you might enjoy new material.”

“Is it right just to...take them?”

“I don't see anyone stopping us. There are, however, areas where I've seen some rather tight security. I wonder what sort of gold mine they're hiding in there.”

“Probably weapons, or something. It's surprising to hear that there's still a military presence here, though.”

“They never truly left. It's like they're waiting for something...” Her voice trailed off in worry.

“I'm sure it'll be alright. They're probably protecting the people, right?”

She laughed.

“What? Am I wrong?”

“Yeah, tell me where shooting a trespasser falls under 'protect and serve'.”

I admit she had me there.

We talked for a few more minutes until I heard something from the room we were in before. Hawk stood up suddenly and went up to the doorway. She must've seen something because she backed away and glanced to me.

“Okay. You need to stay here, alright? I'll be right back.” Her voice was clearly warped by stress once more.

“What's wrong? Let me help!”

“Stay here.” She took one more look at me before going out and shutting the door behind her.

I heard multiple gunshots along with several noises of which I couldn't explain. Something kept telling me to go out there, but I was much too fearful. I wondered what was happening beyond that door. Eventually, curiosity overcame my own logic and I unlocked the door to look out into the darkened room. I saw Hawk hiding behind one of the pillars, holding her shoulder with one hand and a gun with the other. A ways behind her, there was someone who I vaguely remembered as “Red”.

The End

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