Ghosts from the PastMature

When we arrived back home, the others had awakened and were carrying out their tasks. I couldn't help but feel a little rude for eavesdropping on their conversations, but when they'd mentioned the name of my family, I just had to know more. I stayed out of it, though. There wasn't any way I could risk myself like that.

Apparently, my family had returned and they were planning to take over the area. I instantly grew fearful and went back to my room so I wouldn't hear it anymore. Black noticed something was wrong and followed me.

“Something wrong? You look like you've seen a ghost.”

“N-no. I'm okay.”

“Hmm. I know you're lying.”

“Something terrible is coming, Black.” I spat out.

“I'm sure that something we all feel, though?”

“No...I...I have to get out of here...I...”

“Hey, come on. It's alright.” She came up to me and I was embraced again.

“I can't face them again! I hate that I'm remembering all of this!” I shook in her arms like a pathetic fool.

“Who are you talking about?”

I couldn't tell her. She'd think I was a spy. How else could I explain it to them? Even then, after all is said and done, how would they trust me after my family would have carried out their treacherous plan?

I had their name, their blood. Eventually, I knew that I'd have to fight with or against them...

“White, whatever it is, we'll face together.” She was looking down at me with reassuring smile.

There wasn't anything I could've said that would've convinced her otherwise. I could only hope that I could convince my family to spare us, somehow. Knowing them, it wouldn't be likely.

Over the next few weeks, I took it upon myself to get better at defending myself. My aim had gone from 'not too terrible' to 'not too shabby' and I'd assumed that Hawk was being as nice as she could be with her words, considering the circumstances. She seemed to be a bit more tolerant towards how Black and I saw each other.

We had a few other members join, too. That young boy from before had tried to join, but we had to consider his age before exposing him to our cause. When we'd found that he was an orphan, we had to change our plans. Black said we'd train him and keep him busy, but wouldn't expose him to seeing more of the cruel world he'd gotten so used to.

My overall perspective on things had gotten better, though I'd still have those moments where the memories would overwhelm my mind. Ever since they'd started coming back, I thought that I couldn't pull myself out of it. That was, until Black gave me hope again. Despite the darkness I sometimes saw in her eyes, there was a kindness there that I couldn't have mistaken for anything else.

I was currently in my room reading the magazines again. They were now a little worn from this, but I didn't mind. I'd tried to find some more the other day and just as I'd expected, they'd all been either torn or looted away. I told myself to search another area when I had the time to. Of course, I couldn't drag Black outside every time I was curious about something.

The magazines had mention the tragedy several times before it happened, but the articles were labelled as a hoax and most never looked past that. I was one of those, unfortunately. How'd I survived this long, I had no idea.

Ever since I came here, it was a lot easier for me to get by each day. I began to know the others in this group as an actual family. One that probably won't leave me to die. There was still that doubt in the back of my mind, but they'd proven that I could trust them. The thing was, though...could they trust me?

The End

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