“Wake up, Freshmeat.” Someone said close by.

I mumbled irritably in response.

“You're not dead, are you? I guess you'd be Deadmeat in that case.”

“Ugh, what...?” I sat up and looked around.

“I saw you weren't really into it yesterday.” Black said with a bored look on her face.

“I'm not really one for killing.”

“Well, I think you did fine. Since you didn't die, I guess.”

I hugged myself and looked away.

“You didn't want to go back out there, right?”

I shook my head.

“Most of us don't either. Which is why we're trying to make it a place where one won't be afraid to go back to. Now most just hide inside and wait for shit to get better. Nothing will work unless you do, you know?”

I remained silent.

“You even hearing me, Freshmeat?”

“Yeah...” I replied quietly.

While I wasn't paying attention, she sat next to me and wrapped an arm around my shoulder. I instantly went tense.

“You're a bundle of nerves, yeah?”

“W-what're you doing?”

“Oh, you need to relax, Freshmeat.” Black whispered next to my ear.

I inched away slightly, but she seemed amused with my reaction and I saw a pretty obvious grin on her face.

“I take you don't do this with everyone.”

“You're funny, Freshmeat.” Her voice slurred.

“Great, our leader's a drunk.” I mumbled.

“Naaaaaaah. I knew the second I saw you that you were different.”


“Black, what the hell are you doing?” Hawk said as she entered the room.

“Oh, come on. I'm not doing anything wrong. Just having some fun.”

“She doesn't seem to be enjoying that.”

“You're no fun, Hawk. I wasn't going to do anything else.” Black replied bitterly.

“I can read you like a book. Come on, the others need to talk to you.”

“Tsk, can't you do take care of that?”

“I'm not going to repeat myself, Black.” Hawk was staring straight at her with a scary look in her eyes.

“Ugh. Fine.” Black inched away from me and stood up.

When she was about to leave, Hawk's voice went quiet to a point where I could barely hear it.

“Don't go off alone again.”

“Whatever.” Black walked out of the room leaving Hawk and I alone.

Hawk was silent for a few moment before talking again.

“Sorry about that. She can get a little out of hand at times.”

“So...she wasn't drunk?”

“No, she just doesn't think things through.”

“Sounds like you know her well.”

“Family often does.” She smiled.

“What? You two are...?”

“She's my younger sister, yes.”

“Okay. Wow. Why aren't you the leader, then?”

“Ah, I'm more of a follower.”

“I see. So does she do I say this?” I looked down.

“Leader is very eccentric. That's all I'll say about that.”


“So, we've decided to have you join us if you're still willing to, that is.”

“Depends. Will your leader...still do that sort of thing?”

“Not sure.” She shrugged.

“Alright, I guess...”

“I'll give you the day off while we figure out exactly what to do with you.”


“I'll see you later, miss.” Hawk smiled again before leaving out the door.

The End

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