A Shot in the DarkMature

I took it in my hands and walked up to the man. He was blindfolded and didn't seem to be disturbed at all by the situation.

“Um, hello?” I addressed him.

“I will tell you nothing.” He mumbled angrily.

“I just want to ask you something.”

“Ask whatever you want. I've got nothing to say to you.”

“Do you believe this city can be saved?”

“You're serious?” The man laughed.

“Yes. Do you believe your actions were just?”

“This place has got nothing left. You people just need to know to fucking give up and move on. I've already played my part and so will you.”

“What's that supposed to mean?”

“You're nothing but a pawn in the whole picture. We all are. You should just give up while you still can. Before fate decides to make you its bitch, haha.” He laughed again.

I saw little sense in his words and began to grow irritated with him.

“Seems that has already happened.” The man whispered.

“You're right. I have let it walk all over me in the past, but no more.”

“So foolish. You have any idea how many others have thought the same thing, and then died believing in such a ridiculous dream?

“I wouldn't mind dying for mine. At least then I would be free in a sense.”

“None of us are free...”

“You're wrong. I'll give those like myself another reason to have hope again.”

“It's too late.”

“Can you not see that there is-”

“I am done talking. Just be done with me, already.” His voice went low.

“Fine.” I hesitantly loaded the gun.

“See you all in Hell.” The man laughed before it was cut short by a gunshot.

I dropped the weapon and looked down at him. There should have been another way. There must have been another way. But, I couldn't find it. Some people couldn't be changed, I guess. I stood there in my despair when I heard the others in the room talk amongst themselves.

“Interesting.” Hawk spoke up after the unusual silence after they'd left.

“Sometimes, there's no other choice?”

“Seems like it.”

I was quiet as I continued to think.

“You went with a different approach than I expected.”


“To be honest, I thought you'd try to keep talking to him even though it was obvious he was a lost cause.” She folded her arms and stared at me.

“I don't like thinking that anyone is.”

“I know. Most people don't.”

“Can I...go sleep? I'm really tired.”


Hawk fallowed me back to my room and we made small talk for a while. I did ask if I'd passed, but she'd only replied with a “We'll see.” again. Apparently, there was still several more trials I had to get through.

Soon after she left me to sleep, I was a tad restless since I'd taken the life of another person, but tried to force that memory from my head.

I kept trying to keep my head in a good place before I slept as it helped ward off those dreaded nightmares, so I thought back to the other more pleasant ones I knew I had. The faces of the other people here. Their names. What this place's actual layout might be and if the maze-like similarity was on purpose. With each memory or thought, I could tell that I'd fall asleep soon the more random they became. The last thing I remember seeing before I fell asleep was that odd faint look of amusement on their leader's face.

The End

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