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When Hawk went quiet, I quickly understood why. Someone walked up to both of us with several people beside them. They all stared at me with a serious expression, expect for the one who I assumed to be the leader. It was difficult to tell what she was feeling, but I guessed that it was boredom, maybe.

She looked me up and down in a skeptical, yet detached way.

“Why do you want to join us?” There was a faint accent in her tone.

“To live instead of exist. To make a name for myself, I guess.”

“Hm.” She replied in a way that made the think I'd said the wrong thing.

She paced around the room in a restless manner. There were several odd things about her that I saw. I took notice to a faint limp she had on her left leg as she walked, as well as a number of scars here and there. Something told me that she wasn't the type of leader who'd just sit back and watch her allies fight.

One of the scars had gone across her eye, which only added to how nervous I was about her. With that general look of distaste on her face, I knew she wasn't thrilled with me being here. Her dark blue eyes stared into mine as she walked up to me. I backed away when I noticed that she was quite a bit taller than I was. Overall, I was really intimidated.

“Afraid, are we?” She said with a hint of amusement.


“You need to let go of your fear. Of failure, of death, of everything. Or else it will only hold you back. That reminds me, what use will you possibly have for us?”

“Well, I'm not much of a fighter, but I can tell a lot about a person seconds upon seeing them. I think.”

“Is that so? I assume you're also good at running and hiding in that sense.”

“I guess.”

“Hm. I'm sure my allies have informed you that we are not currently recruiting.”

“Yes, but I can't take it anymore. I'm just wasting away out here!”

“So are a lot people.” She ran a hand through her dark shoulder-length hair.

I bitterly stared at the ground.

“It doesn't seem like you're a spy, so I guess you can go through the trial.”

“The trial?”

“To be one of us.” She said, that bored expression returning to her face.

“Oh.'re the leader, right?”

“That would be me, yeah. I also go by the name of Black. Nothing else. Understand, Freshmeat?”


“Not fond of it? Then make a name for yourself. Give us a reason to respect and trust you.”

“I still don't like it...” I mumbled.

“What're you going to do about it?” She asked in a threatening tone.

I hesitated with my words and looked downwards in defeat.

“There's that fear again. Won't get you far in this world, Freshmeat.”

Again, I didn't reply.

“Anyway.” She glanced towards the others. “Put this one through the trail. I'll be curious to know the results. Maybe.”

“Yes, Leader.” They replied.

I watched as she spoke to them about other things before leaving into another room.

The End

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