A Choice.Mature

After society has fallen, those who still stand aren't often those who should be.

My head was a mess. I couldn't take it anymore. There was currently nothing holding me back from ending it all. I needed something to keep me here. Anything, really. I'd gotten this far in my life by myself and I'd never thought I'd need anyone else.

I wasn't sure what was wrong with me.

My attention then went to the rain outside as I wandered around. I watched the other people run to get inside, which I found amusing. Being out here for almost my entire existence, I never understood why they'd hide indoors all the time. Surely, there was technology they could drown their boredom in, but that sort of stimuli often left my mind feeling as though it was unfulfilled.

I let myself wander around a little more before I'd find somewhere to sleep. After nearly running into a wall, I saw that I hadn't been paying attention for too long and I currently stood before a large building of some sort. Upon closer inspection, it appeared to be a warehouse.

“Hold it.” Said a voice from behind me.

My guard went up as I watched as several people approach me.

“You're in our territory.” Another said simply and yet in an irritated manner.

“Yeah, we can legally kill you here. Leave.”

I turned my head downwards and thought for a moment. They were obviously a part of one of the few groups that ruled over this city. Or what was left of it.I wasn't exactly sure what name they went by, but they had a reputation for being a threatening, yet protective presence. When another group would enter the city, they'd know instantly and the two would pretty much fight to the death for the area. From what I've heard, this group hadn't lost yet.

If anything, this sounded like something I wanted to be a part of. Several years ago, this city was on a financial collapse and the place had gone to shit. Riots and crime were all over and there was barely a trace of any laws or society. This was only one of the side effects from the disaster that'd happened years before. I still remember the sky light up and the craters...

After that group came along, things seemed to have changed for the better. I figured that if I could be a part of their cause, that I would probably be doing something useful with my life.

“I want to join you.” I said, choosing my words carefully.

“We do not normally accept new recruits, ma'am.”

“Eh, but we could always use more meat shields.” Another said.

“You've got a point there. Alright, come with us. If you try anything, we'll kill you on the spot. Understand?”

“Yes.” I replied, before fallowing them through one of the vault doors.

The End

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