"Not all those who wander are lost."

A young girl devoted to God and Nature goes on a journey. More to be added/changed.

When the green grass tickled her bare feet, she felt free. She loved feeling the sun on her skin and hear the birds chirping in the trees. She loved nothing more than to sit on the creekbank with her feet resting in the cold water that trickled on by, ever-flowing on to its unknown destination. She admired how the water could just go and and on, never giving up, always reaching its end successfully. It did nothing but provide life. It asked for nothing in return. It was a noble force of nature.  Nature itself was the epitome of nobility, Natalia believed. It was constantly giving and never getting. It gave her life, her beauty...and nurtured, generously. That's why Natalia spent so much time with Nature. She respected Nature because it respected her. She felt accepted and happy there. It was home. Every time she walked into the woods, or reached a mountaintop, her mind was at total peace.

Natalia always believed that Nature was God's way of speaking to and healing people. It had affected many lives, and did so daily. It embraced weary, scarred souls in a way only it could. Its methods were unknown to humankind, but perhaps it was better off that way. Nature's power was too strong and distant for any man to harness, but that's why it worked so well. It was so unreachable, yet no one ever had to work for its benefits. You simply surrendered everything you had in you and it would restore you tenfold. It was almost as if God's hand was reaching down and cleansing you of the dust collected in everyday life. Natalia knew not of a better refuge for the human soul.

The End

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