Jade P.O.V. Chapter 39Mature

I wasn't about to be ignorant of Karem's obvious digression and give into my curiousity. By the time my will gave in, she was already storming out of the door. My feet carried me to Teke's room where there was obvious stress in her face and her expression let me know that she needed to tell me something. 

"And then, after all that arguing, she kissed me! But that's not even the worst part! She said-!" I interrupted her. "Back track lady, hold on! She KISSED you?" My eyebrows raised in question. She raised her hand waving my question off, "That's not the point. It was the message she was trying to send. Because after the kiss, she said-"

We totally didn't acknowledge the fact that Alyssa had walked into the room. "Wait, what?" Alyssa asked with a confused tone. And then Teke glanced at Alyssa, recognizing that she had spoken then continued her sentence. "She said 'In love with me yet?' and she mentioned in the beginning that I fall in love with every girl I kiss!" 

Teke sunk into the pillow, emotionally exhausted and I could tell she doesn't want to  explain it again. With our silent communication, I nodded to Alyssa and said, "Let me buy you coffee as I explain." We walked out into the hall as I began. The light from the cafeteria window made it look like her hair was on fire.

I sat sipping coffee across from Alyssa with her delicate hands folded under her chin. She was silently staring off outside the window and I could tell that the gears in her head were turning. I got a chill as my shoulder bumped the brick was as we were sitting at the closest table to the bottom right of the cafeteria.

Alyssa turned back to her coffee then, sighing and said, "What would a girlfriend do in this situation?" I grinned, finding it lightly adorable. I could see a light bulb flash above her head and sympathy gleamed in her eyes. She looked up from her coffee cup then and said, "What if Karem wasn't meaning to mock her with what she said?"

Alyssa could tell that I wasn't quite grasping what she was saying so she continued, "Maybe... She want Teke to love her." My eyebrows pushed down in bewilderment. "That's a strange suggestion. But would Karem openly and blatantly just lay her feelings on the line like that?" I asked, my hands grip on the coffee cup tightening.

"Heat of the moment, perhaps. Frustration. Maybe something withheld for a long amount of time?" I shot her a puzzled look, taking her suggestion and letting it mull over. "Its like..." She paused. "Shaking a soda can. The more you shake it, the more pressure there is. And eventually," Alyssa motioned with her hands. "Explosion."

What she was saying didn't make sense. No. No. It made COMPLETE sense. So much sense in fact that I was doubting it. I bit my lip in contemplation. "You really think that's it?" I asked, as she brought the cup back down from her lips. She smiled halfway, leaning back in her chair stirring the coffee as if to just keep her hands busy.

"Well, judging by the way she reacted to, well, Teke and I, there's definitely something going on in that head of hers." I nodded, my thoughts scrambling, jumbled up in complete webs. What if Alyssa is right? I needed to talk to Tekanero very bad.If she heard this, she might be more sympathetic towards Karem rather than pissed at her. 

I sighed. One could only hope.

The End

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