Karem P.O.V. Chapter 38Mature

I walked through the hospital doors and saw Jade standing in the waiting room to see Teke, I presumed. She smiled politely as I approached. She seemed to be glowing with excitement. "What are you so happy about?" I asked, half-heartedly smiling. "Teke may have found new inspiration to live after all!"

I looked at her, puzzled. "What do you mean?" Jade's expression hinted realization, "I'm talking about Tekanero's new hot red head nurse of a girlfriend!" My mind went blank with hysteria, "What?" Jade seemed to ignore the fact that my whole body began to shake with anger, denial even

"She just can't stop smiling! Its too cute!" I stopped listening at that moment, walking towards Teke's room. "Hey! You have to sign in!" The receptionist pleaded. I opened the door to find Alyssa, the 'hot red headed nurse' standing over Tekanero holding her hand. At this point all I could think was, 'The bitch must die.' "Excuse you, Teke is not accepting visitors at this moment." Alyssa turned towards me, revealing Teke's face.

Her smile dropped instantly, as she realize my fury. "I NEED to speak to her." I took a step towards Alyssa. "ALONE." The nurse's eyes darted with terror. I wanted to kill the broad. Teke tugged her arm. "It's okay, baby." "Baby?!" I hissed aloud but only meaning to scream it silently. 

Alyssa then turned back around and planted one on Teke's temple and exited the room. A single red hair nested on Teke's shoulder I glared at it hoping it would catch fire then quickly plucked it off. "Baby, girlfriend, nurse, kiss?! Make since of these words to me Tekanero! Because I sure as hell can't!" 

"Karem, its just happened, okay? She prodded, as if there was enough explanation to give for this idiocy. "She's like thirty!" I exclaimed. "No, she's nineteen. And she just so happens to make me happy. Big deal." She defended. "Big deal?! You don't even know her! You can't just go for someone you barely know. You're transferring out of here soon, too!" 

I felt my body as it shook violently, my fist clenching with intensity. "It's none of your business!" Teke's face was red with frustration. "You didn't even consider-!" I bit my tongue, holding back foul words as I took a step towards her bed. "Consider what?" She asked. I shook my head, eyes closed. 

"What?!" She screamed, grabbing my sleeve and jerking it violently. My eyes flew open. "You didn't even consider ME." Teke's face twisted in confusion. "Why would I need to consider you? If my sister can be happy for me, why can't my best friend?" She asked, the question that burned me to the core.

"Its the fact that I AM your best friend. Do you fall in love with every girl that you kiss, huh?! I took care of you before she ever did! Maybe I should dye MY hair red, become a goddamn nurse!" I was in full rage mode. But I didn't care, I grabbed Teke's face with both of my hands and brought my face down before she could react. My lips seemed to fuse to hers, all of my past regressions released in that very moment.

I pulled back up, refusing to look at her and walked towards the door, never looking back, I said, "In love with me yet?" I opened the door and the world went blank.

The End

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