Karem P.O.V. Chapter 35Mature

"I'll be sure to alert you guys when we need help moving her stuff out." I said with a smile, pacing my steps as I walked out of the Newlands' house. "Oh, coolio." The father said with a smile waving a goodbye as I started down the drive. I shoved my hands into my pockets, feeling a cool burst of air crawl over my skin. Kicking pebbles down the road as I walked, I trudged on.

The misery of the incident still fresh and searing in the back of my mind, I sighed and zipped up my jacket, trying to embrace the thing that plagued my brain and occupied my thoughts. But no matter how much I tried to embrace her, I can't. I close my eyes and try to imagine, the need, the begging for comfort as the wind caresses my face and breathed down my neck, just like I'd want her to.

As the fresh tears fell down my checked, I pushed a smile on, opening my eyes to the path and wiping away the remnants, trying desperately to hide my flushed face as I encountered the first step to the porch. I pushed my hood up, reaching for the door and turning the knob, ignoring the fresh scents of my home conflicts, and brushing past my parents' room.

The End

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