Matrina P.O.V. Chapter 32Mature

Where is bro? I thought I saw her at school earlier before all of the... stuff happened. She was holding Teke, I saw that much. It was like a parent holding a child after being injured. Maybe she went to the hospital, seeing how she's so... attached to Teke. I found it cute but so so sad.

Bro, without a doubt, is serious about her. She's fallen so hard for her, I'm surprised that she hasn't fallen on her face yet. The thought of Teke rejecting her must be tearing her up inside. I've never seen her like this before, and I've known her since second grade!

I sighed, trudging onto seventh hour. I could hear lists of names being called to check out. Eventually, the school decided to end the school day due to this event. Jakobi walked me to the buses as they pulled up. We didn't even speak of what happened. I think that all of us were in shock of what had happened. I felt bad for Teke.

I almost wanted to go to the hospital, and not just to see if Karem was there either. I pondered over the thought, but just pushed it aside, as I barely knew the girl. Of course, I knew that there was a select few people at the school that would be mocking her attempted suicide. Hopefully the teachers would pay attention though.

This could have easily been prevented if people actually showed that they cared once in a while. There are many people to blame in this instance but I doubt an investigation on the subject. Its just a story not worth looking into, I guess.

There was a lot of hurt in my heart knowing all of this. I hurt for Teke, and Karem so profusely that I thought my heart was going to implode inside itself in my chest.

The End

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