Karem P.O.V. Chapter 31Mature

Everything was a blur as I lifted my head up from my arms, crossed and laying out before me on the desk, "And that's how checks and banking work hand in hand." Mr. Ball flicked on the lights, which sent painful impulses through my eyes. I rubbed them, trying to get them to focus.

I looked over at Tekanero, who had also dozed off. I smiled and crumpled a paper and threw it at her head. Luckily, the paper made contact. Teke's head perked up quickly, looking around and finding my devious smile stretched across my face. She did her cute angry baby face that I loved so much, knocking her legs frantically about under her desk.

I laughed, turning back to the teacher. For the first time today, I actually saw Teke smile. She's seemed a bit off today, distant, like she has/had something on her mind. Something I so desperately wanted to find out. The bell ran, and everybody shifted. I smiled as Tekanero met me a the door.

"Hi!" I said under my breath, unsure of myself for some reason. Jade walked towards us, handing me a red envelope with my name on it. I grinned, excited all of a sudden. "Its from Teke, but she doesn't want you to read it in front of her." Jade said, smiling at first but her face then turning solemn. I looked at Teke then back to the envelope, still grinning like a child handed a toy.

"Bathroom?" Jade suggested, pointing towards the bathroom door. I nodded, starting to walk over to it, noticing Wes standing beside the fountain with his arms crossed. He nodded to me and I smiled, opening the door, seeing Teke as it almost closed. She looked at me, face almost screaming 'Sorry!' I flipped the envelope over and it read 'Goodbye Karem'.

I felt my jaw clench, "NO." I pushed the door for it to open but it didn't budge. "Grr!" I pushed harder, opening the door more. "Damn you. Whoever you are!" I looked up at the covered bathroom door window, ripping the sheet off that covered it. I peered through it to see chaos in the hallway. In front of the door, Wes pushed against it, not letting me out. I pushed against the door even harder than before, nearly knocking Wes down to the floor. I gave it one last heave, that led to success.

I walked out, envelope still in my hand, giving Wes a look, "Nice try..." I said, smirking for only a moments time, then running towards the chaos of screaming students, nudging my way through to whatever seemed to be tormenting them. Then, everyone gasped all at once. I got knocked down, soaked with a fluid - blood. 

I followed the trail to what appeared to be a faint green mist before me. I touched it, sending a wave of shocking pain up my arm. I shrieked, looking up to see Tekanero with a blade in her hand, wrist oozing blood. "No. Please no..." I murmured to myself, closing my eyes, the sounds becoming a cacophony of noise.

"This isn't happening. This isn't happening." I kept repeating to myself, unable to do anything, and feeling utter hopelessness clouding over me. I opened my eyes, and the green mist was gone. I crouched over her, holding her limp unconscious body in my arms, blood caking the floor beneath us. Teachers calmed the students, proceeding them to their classes, which seemed to be to no avail when the teachers themselves weren't calm. And how could they be after this?

I was crying uncontrollably, holding her, brushing her hair aside as the paramedics wheeled the emergency gurney through the doors of the school. I planted a gentle kiss on her cheek and helped the paramedics load her onto the bed, as they shot me sympathetic glances. They didn't seem to judge me at all as I gave her yet another soft kiss on her cheek. 

I pushed the bed with them, and getting the bed into the ambulance and pulling myself up to sit with Teke, by her side as they applied pressure to her wounds as fast as they could. Soon, they bandaged her up, plugging an IV into her uninjured arm. I held her hand, hoping that somehow she could get through the unconscious state that she was in to see that I was still here, by her side.

We arrived at the hospital soon enough, and they rushed her into a room where they could stitch her wounds and hopefully find a way to give her enough blood before its too late. I almost felt that I needed medical attention the way that my heart had felt so shredded inside my chest, where I thought it would be safe and sound. But I was proven wrong, in that fact. 

I waited patiently in the waiting room, staying awake on coffee and talking to my parents on the phone, giving them updates or well, telling them what I know so far. After a couple of long, excruciating hours, a very busy-looking doctor came out of the double doors. I jumped up, walking over to see what he had to say, bracing for impact.

"Your, uh..." He paused, flipping through the charts and papers in his hand. "Girlfriend is doing well. She's finally stable." My heart kick-starting once more with joy of this news and finally, for what felt like forever, I smiled. Then I realized what he had called me. G-Girlfriend? I loved it!

"Uhm, am I able to see her?" I asked, giving the man a look of severe gratitude. He grinned back at me, "Right this way." He began to lead me through the double doors down the hallway and I had to fight the urge to run past him, although I had no clue which room she was in. We got to room 11 - 12 and he opened the door, gesturing for me to walk in.

"She's still unconscious but, she should be awake soon enough. The meds will be wearing off." I nodded and he shut the door, allowing us to be alone. I walked towards the bed, noticing the tube running across her face, providing oxygen for her. Seemingly, Teke still managed to look flawless even as she lay on this bed, on the brink of deaths only hours before.

She was in a patient's robe, all tucked in like a baby. I sat in a chair beside the bed, leaning forward to take her hand. "Oh, Teke. I was so worried about you. Why didn't I see this? Where did I go wrong here?" I held her hand primitively, then resting my head against in, letting the tears run down my face. "Where did I go wrong?" I whispered to myself.

Teke's hand moved in mine. I lifted my head to look at her. Her arm struggled to  lift as she touched my face, wiping away tears with her thumb. "Don't cry." Her voice sounded hoarse. "Kinda late, don't ya think Teke?" We both laughed. I wiped my face on my sleeve, clearing my throat. "I thought you were..." I paused. "Really gone Teke." I looked at her with glistened eyes. 

"Oh Karem." She opened her arms, asking for a hug, the struggle obvious for her to even hold them up. I smiled, trying to wave off this obviousness. I stood up, leaning over the bed and hugging her for a moment. I pulled back, asking her a question, "But why Teke? Everything was getting so much better. Why when -" I stopped then began again. "When I needed you most?" Tekanero's expression turned soft but solemn.

"I just... Had to. Just, please don't ask. Please." She pleaded, looking at her arm. My eyebrows pushed down for a moment, frustration overwhelming me. I sighed and smiled, "I won't ask..." She smiled but showing a lingering hint of pain in her eyes. Then, she jumped at the sound of thunder booming outside. 

"Are you alright?" I asked. "Y-Yeah. I'm just terribly afraid of storms." She said, embarrassed. I smiled, walking around the bed. "What are you doing?" She croaked, almost as if she were beginning to lose her voice. I crawled onto the bed beside her, putting a caring arm around her, another supporting her head, careful not to hurt her already injured arm.

"I won't let the storm hurt you." I whispered in her ear and she seemed to relax into my hold then, turning onto her side. "Okay. You win." She said as she fell into a sweet serenity of sleep in my arms, snuggled up, warm, and seemingly happy. 

And I was too.

The End

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