Tekanero P.O.V. Chapter 30Mature

The rain hits the window pane in an eerily pid-paddering sound on the classroom window pane. Its almost fifth hour. I paused, listening in on every silent conversation going on as everyone began to shift, putting everything in their backpacks. Time to go. I grabbed my binder, walking out of the classroom to meet Karem. 

"Hi." She met me with a smile. I gave Karem a hug and say Wes and Jade walking back from Drama. Jade knew she couldn't stop me so she tried to part her emotions, it was just business. Wes didn't know what side to be on. He just knew to hold the door closed. "Now?" Jade mouthed at me over Karem's shoulder.

'Yeah.' I mouthed back. I can't believe I was doing this, but relief will be the outcome. Jade gave Wes a look as I randomly chatted with Karem. "Hey Karem! I got something for you!" Jade said, walking towards us. She was waving the fancy red envelope with yellow lace like edges and a wax seal.

I read, 'From Your Teke.' Karem's body language jumped with excitement. Who knew what she thought the letter said. She looked at me, then the letter, back to me again. Karem went to reach for it but pulled back as orchestrated. "Nah, nah, nah! She doesn't want you to read it in front of her. The bathroom?" She asked nonchalantly. 

I stopped anxiously in my elegant  white dress that I saved for special occasions, and this was one of those. Karem scampered away into the bathroom with the letter. I could see Wes standing by the fountains, ready. The door swung open after about a minute and Jade ran out before the door closed completely. 

I connected eyes with my Karem. First confusion, then realization, then hurt, anger flooded her stare. Then, worst of all, the determined look on her face. All in a second. Jade swung out with tears in her eyes and handed the door job off to Wes and his muscles. Jade looked at me and slid the remote to me that would activate Cianna's Science Experiment .

She backed up and mouthed 'I love you.' and I mouthed it back. She went so far back but I knew she could see me. Cianna's Science Experiment was a magnetic energy force field. It was a specific diameter force field projected- field around someone that would shock anyone who touched it.

It wasn't on right now, but the remote turned it on. I walked to the specific circle where I marked to stand and clicked the button. A greenish-blue haze appeared around me in a bubble. The lace on my dress quivered and the sound of the high electricity buzzed and caught people's attention. 

People thought it was a testing of the invention. That was until I dropped to my knees and pulled out my blade. I heard names being said to me. "Enough!" I screamed to them and that's when people began to come out of the classes and offices. I was being watched by everyone. "You know my name but you don't know me! You know what I've done but you don't know what I want to be! You think you're words impact nothing?! The impact EVERYTHING!" 

I straightened my elbow, exposing my scars. People were now concerned. I quickly used the edge of the blade to stab my wrist right under my hand and I knew, it was too late to stop now. I slowly slid the blade up my arm , letting the blood flow. People were silent. Then I heard a girl scream and that was followed by everybody else screaming and gasping. 

Teachers ran towards me, people were on the phone with 911 but I was safe. The pain seared through me but along with it came relief. When I finally opened my eyes I saw that Wes was struggling to keep the door closed. Karem had scratched off the tented sheet on the window Jade and I had put on the one way window so she didn't have to see what I was doing. 

I could see her tear stained face trying as hard as she could to get to me. The teachers were hopping around, trying to think of a way to get to me. They were trying to coerce me out. Everything would soon be over. I was going under. I picked the blade back up and slowly but briskly cut through the tendon and artery and watched the blood drip from me. My dress was drenched.

My hearing suddenly went static-like and all I could do is watch the chaos unfold and people pretending to care. It felt like lights were dimming, but it was truly just my eyes wanting to close and never open again. "How do we get through this force field? Cianna!" I heard a teacher call behind my field of death.

"We... We need to neutralize the electrons so it simulates the idea of no energy to feed off of!" Cianna said nervously, "To stick together!" She tried to calm himself. "So, like hairspray?" Mrs. Daniels asked. "Are you stupid?!" Cory exclaimed. Everything was going foggy. I couldn't see.

"She's right, give me some hairspray!" Cianna yelled as I began writing as I lie on my side. With my blood I, since there was plenty, I wrote on the floor behind me so no one could see. I could smell the fumes of hairspray and the force field came down. Goodbye turquoise death bed. Goodbye life.

The last thing I remember is Jade walking out of the school and past people gasping with her head down. Karem had pushed the door open. Life for them will be better now... now. Why people were surprised by what I wrote, I don't know. Don't you expect a bullied, 14 year old girls deathbed to have 'You killed me' written in her own blood somewhere here?

I don't know why people did the things they do, and I never will because, well, now I'm dead.

The End

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