Jade P.O.V. Chapter 29Mature

I walked past a flyer in the hallway, looking for Teke. It read: "Don't drink, or you'll end up like Teke!" It had a picture of Tekanero on it and below it captioned : "Gay and emo." Infuriated, I tore it down, crumbling it in my hands. How could the school let this happen? They say that bullying is prohibited but from the looks of it, they fail.

I turned the corner and saw Karem and Tekanero walking alongside each other. Both of their faces were blank with expression turning black with anger. "We already know..." Karem held up an identical crumpled up paper as well. "It's all over the school, Teke." I said, tightening my grip on the flyer in my hand.

She looked at the ground, despair overwhelming any other emotion she could possibly have. She sighed and looked at me, "You talk to Wes?" She asked. "About what?" I couldn't recall why I would make contact with him whatsoever. She glanced over at Karem, then back to me. Then, I realized what she was asking. I grabbed her by the arm and pulled her to the side of the wall.

"I gotta talk to her for a moment." Karem nodded with a confused look. Then musing at the ground quietly. "You can't still be planning on doing this, are you?" I asked, my eyebrows pushing down in question. "Yes. I need to. Just, please. Get him to hold her back." Her eyes began to water.

"Teke..." I began. "When?" I wanted to stop what she was doing but I knew my words were useless. "This Thursday. I need Wes to hold her away. I don't want her to see." I opened my mouth to respond but Tekanero stopped me. "Just. Talk. To. Him." She turned around and walked quietly past Karem, her head down as she walked.

Teke was going to end this way sooner than she had planned, and it was probably because of the students interest in Tekanero's problems.

The End

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