Matrina P.O.V. Chapter 28Mature

I paused, scrolling through the news feed before me on Facebook. I reached for the home phone, dialing Karem's number. "Hello?" She answered. "Ey bro!" I smiled but only for a moment. "Ohaii bro." She said back. "Have you checked Facebook?" I asked curiously. "No. Why?" She asked me. "There's this... rumor going on about Tekanero."

I said, in complete disbelief of what I was reading. There was a long pause before she responded. "What kind of rumor?" She asked, sounding angry, "People keep saying that she's an alcoholic and she can't control herself around the stuff." Karem was just about to say something when there was a crash in the next room. I paid no attention when to it, as I knew what was happening. 

I sighed and returned to the computer. "What's going on?" Karem asked with a caring tone. "My parents." I trailed off, not wanting to explain further. "Again, bro?" She asked, concerned. "Yeah, but-" My dad yelled at my mom. "Dammit! See what you made me do?!" There were footsteps and clinking sounds.

Then, someone gasped in which sounded like my mother. "Shit! Matrina! Get off the damn phone and come clean this up!" I sighed. "I got to go, bro." I said, angered and in a hurry. "Okay bro, I understand. Bye." She said, "Bye."

I hung up and ran into the kitchen where my father had thrown a glass vase in a fit of anger.My mother sat in a chair at the kitchen table calming down the baby who had just woken up to the fighting. My father stood at the sink washing what looked like blood off of his hands. "Dad, you okay?" I asked, grabbing a broom to clean up the mess.

He grunted, wrapping up his hand in an ace bandage. "I'm fine, just..." He shot a glance at my mother, his face turning to anger, responded, "Mind your own business, kid." I did as he said, sweeping up the pieces silently, trying to forget what just happened. In my mind, I switched over subjects like what Karem and I were talking about.

I wanted to think these rumors weren't true, as they usually aren't. I also hoped for Karem's sake, that this didn't create another problem. I sighed and dumped the bloody glass into a trashcan nearby, walking back to my room, turning on the stero in my bedroom to calm my nerves.

The End

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