Karem P.O.V. Chapter 27Mature

It's hard to tell whether Teke doesn't like me or just wants the chase to be interesting. My heart wants the second to be true but my mind tells me its the first.

If in which Teke actually likes me, I know she'll want me to chase after her. Teasing or at least trying, her wouldn't do too much to her if she didn't like me. Maybe try to see how she reacts? You know what? I'm going for it. If she wants me to chase her, she's going to have to chase me as well. Let's make this interesting.

I woke up early this morning to take a shower and figure out what to wear for her. "What does Teke like?" I found myself asking this as I flipped through my articles of clothing in my closet. I put on boxers and picked out a nice light blue polo shirt and pair of grey pants with zippers on the pockets that Teke had mentioned before to me she liked.

I kept my hair curly and put no makeup on. I smiled into the mirror for a brief moment before I realized I had chores to do. I walked into the kitchen and began my routine of doing my dishes. Then I realized Tekanero was lying on the couch. I tried to square my shoulders to make the illusion of being taller.

"Morning Tekanero." I said without looking over at her. She sat up, already dressed for school. "Morning." She spoke softly, getting up and walking into the kitchen beside me. I silently washed the glass plates for a moment. "Those pants look good on you Karem." She smiled. "Really?" I asked, wiping my hands on the towel to dry my hands. 

"Yeah. The zippers are my favorite part." Suddenly, I got a burst of confidence. "Ya know. You don't have to be afraid to touch them, right?" I said, raising a brow and wiping my hands dry on the towel. She gave me an odd look and I found myself grabbing her hand and placing it on one of the zippers that was sewn on for it looks.

Her face was bearing a look of shock. She gulped and said. "Yeah. They're pretty neat." She grabbed the tab and unzipped it and then zipped it back again. Then stopped for a moment, in a half daze. I looked at her, puzzled then said, "So Teke, 10 days before we go back to court. Made any decisions, yet?" I asked and she snapped out of it, dropping her hand simultaneously. 

Then, I turned back to the sink realizing how that burst of confidence was extremely awkward and immediately started hating myself. I got soap on my hands and began washing the dishes again. "Well..." She paused for a moment, blinking almost mechanically. "I've thought my decisions over some and I think that it'd be pretty awesome to be Karem's neighbor."

She smiled then, reaching into the sink and cooping some bubbles into her hand. "Hey." I yelled playfully. "That was mine!" I frowned childishly. "Oh yeah?" She said. "Yeah." She wiped the foam of bubbles on my face, getting into my mouth. "Gah!" I opened my eyes in shock. She laughed but I soon spun around throwing foam and her, mixed with some water.

She gasped, then reaching her hand into the sink for another handful. It sloshed onto me, and I giggled. She stuck her tongue out at me. I then gave her an evil look and grabbed her sides, tickling her, an adorable laughter coming from her mouth in return.

She flung a leg around when she managed make me unstable but catching her leg as she tried to pull back. We stumbled, falling on top of each other, giggling as Tekanero fell onto me, her head resting on her arms, laying on my chest. Just then, my big brother walked in.

"That looks really gay..." He said jokingly. "Well, maybe it is..." Teke make a weird face at him and I played along with it. "Okay then..." He left the room, looking uncomfortable as ever. We simply looked at each other and laughed, her leaning up and leaning against the oven beside me now. 

Her smile attracted my attention. Those lips, those pretty eyes attribute to her perfect face. I wanted to kiss her... 

But the chase was just beginning.

The End

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