Tekanero P.O.V. Chapter 26Mature

"Yes! That's what she thought!" I basically screamed into the phone at Jade trying to explain how Karem had thought we were dating. "Yeah. I AM the type of sis to pretend to be your lesbian lover to get guys to back off! But you didn't answer my question," She complained.

I answered simply, "I know, I know. I didn't mean to tell her I liked her but we were really emotional." She sighed, "I thought you were trying to play hard to get." She shot me a judgmental look. "I can fix this. And I will. Love you sis." I hung up before she could sink my morale.

I grabbed Karem's charging laptop from the edge of the couch I was lying on and searched ways to play hard to get. I really just wanted to be caught... Later that day, Karem came back from Matrina's house and she was soaking wet! "Karem, how hard is it raining?" I asked, giving her a towel out of the clothes I was folding. She answered me with a simple squeeze of her shirt as water poured from it.

"Damn." I said and picked up the towel she had dropped demonstrating this. I took the end of it and smacked her hip with it like a whip. She let out a yelp of laughter and came closer to me. She acted as if going for a hug but instead of turned her head she kept it straight as if going for a kiss. 

Instead of humiliating her by saying, "Woah! Woah! Watch it!" I simply backed up and went straight into conversation. "So Karem. About last night. I'm sorry. I had taken some pain pills they help me sleep but they also make me loopy. I don't like you, and thank God, right? That would ruin our wonderful friendship."

She tried to mask her obvious disappointment with a weak smile and a hint of amusement in her voice. "But, Teke... You laid in mt arms all night, I mean..." She ended her dead end statement with an awkward laugh. "Yeah. Friends do that, hun. So, wanna help me fold?" I asked, sitting back down, not daring to look her in the eyes.

She sat on the edge of the couch on the other side of the pile of laundry, chewing on the side of her lip as she silently helped me. Kiss her! Kiss her! I told myself. Cuddle her! You know you want to be in her arms! NO! I told myself, fighting my feelings for Karem. 

Not yet.

The End

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