Karem P.O.V. Chapter 25Mature

I, Karem, can truly say that I held Tekanero's hand. I can say how soft her hand is and how my hand fits perfectly in hers. I pondered this for a moments, then switched over to a different frame of mind. Those hands hurt what I want most; what I'd protect with my life. What if I was over thinking all of this? What if I somehow am the source of Teke's depression? I've got to find out what exactly is hurting her so much.

I could overhear a muffled sound coming from my room. I walked slowly, cautiously, down the hall. I reached the doorknob and heard what sounded like crying. I walked in, pushing the door open. Huddled up under my blankets like Tekanero curled up in a ball of sadness. I put a hand on her shoulder, and she was shaking.

Is she cold? "Teke, you alright?" I asked, sitting on the bed next to her, rubbing her back. She didn't respond. The idea that formed in my head was almost instinct. I closed the door and crawled into bed next to her, moving strands of hair off of her neck gently. "Is it okay if... ?" My hand made its way to her side, wanting to wrap around her.

She seemed to stop shaking then, nodding permission. We shifted together suddenly, my arm finding its way under her head to support it and my arm pulling her close, my head resting on her shoulder. She seemed comfortable in my arms. "What is it, Teke?" I said, tightening my arms around her. "Karem?" She asked through tears. "Shoot." I said, awaiting the question.

She turned around in my arms, facing me now. Her face was a flustered red color. "Well, how did you feel when you found out about, ya now?" She asked. My eyebrows pushed downwards, not sure of exactly what she meant. She sighed and rolled up a sleeve, exposing her forearm. She quickly rolled the sleeve back down.

"Be honest. I want to know how you felt." She said, trying to get an answer out of me. "Lost." I spoke finally. She nodded as I went on. "Lost on how someone so beautiful, so intelligent, acts in ways so unthinkable. I'm still lost on what exactly made you do it. I was and still am dumbfounded that you even consider such a thing, Teke. I was pissed at first but..." I looked into her eyes.

"Now I just want to help you." She half-smiled for a moment. "I just wanna know why, Teke. Why?" I tried to speak with clarity but almost choked on my tears. Tekanero seemed shocked by my question, but then saddened by it. She then leaned forward, as if she were to kiss me but then laid her head on my chest, gripping my shirt. I cleared my throat then spoke. "Well...?" I asked, wanting her to answer.

"Because of you Karem." The words plucked a painful string in my heart. "W- What?" I asked, scared, "How? What did I do, Teke?!" I pushed her away to see her face, then holding both sides of her face, forcing her to look at me. Her eyes were wide and glossed over looking up at me.

"Because..." She didn't want to say. "Tell me!" She seemed scared. "Please." I pleaded sympathetically. "Because I like you, okay?" She said, sadness clouding her ability to speak with pride, unlike she normally talks. I gave her a confused look but then it occurred to me. SHE LIKES ME. I was secretly screaming.

"Look. I like you. A lot more than I should but you don't like me back so, I guess I... I kinda lost all hope." She seemed to be trying to slip out of my arms now. "What? It's not because of Jade that your sad about liking me?" I asked, so puzzled by her. "What do you mean?" She asked, a confused look on her face. "Aren't you dating her?" I said, almost wanting to shake her to get an answer out of her.

Her face was a face of relief and complete understanding. "No, we're just like sisters. Ya know, but really close friends, almost sisters or related." She smiled, and an immediate jolt of electricity went through my heart.

The End

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