Jade's P.O.V. Chapter 24Mature

"Don't tell me anymore!" I screamed at her while covering my ears. "Fine, I was just telling you what happened." Tekanero said laughing. She was telling me about what apparently happened last night and how Karem had caught her... Um, doing the dirty? "Just. Shut up... and stop moving. You're going to make the cut open up." I said as I moved the makeup sponge over her wrist covering up the new cut.

"Why this time?" I said with a sigh, "This morning we were getting up and I asked her if she was almost done and she said no. I told her that it was almost time to go and she yelled at me to leave. Then she wouldn't sit by me on the bus." She finished, looking at her cut. There's still no excuse. I thought as I applied more makeup to her wound.

I'm always the one to cover up her wounds. I have the face she hurts herself. Scars are up and down her right arm, she never cuts on her left arm and I don't know why. She also has some on her thighs and hips. "I've been looking all over for you two!" I snapped my head back as I heard Karem's voice, "What?" I dropped the makeup applier as I turned around.

"H- hey." I stuttered, looking at Karem. She didn't know about Teke's self mutilation or eating disorders. "You guys doing each others makeup?" She asked not seeing anything out of the ordinary until she saw the spots of blood on the sink. I turned to see what she was looking at, realizing the blood was new. 

"Why are you mad at me? Karem... What did I do?" Tekanero asked with her hand down pitifully while squeezing the blade in her hand. There was a steady stream of blood from her hand. "Teke!" Karem and I screamed in unison. She dropped her blade into her purse on the ground. She had a fresh cut on her hand.

"Honey!" I yelled going to her where she had slid down the wall. While I was inspecting the cut, Karem was solemnly cleaning the blood out of the sink. After she was done, she turned and bluntly said, "What the hell?" She then looked at the tears in Teke's eyes and melted. She came and helped me with her cut. The whole time her free hand was holding Tekanero's uninjured hand. 

There might be hope for them after all, I thought.

The End

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