Matrina P.O.V. Chapter 23Mature

"Serious as a heart attack, bro!" Karem's voice ran through the phone. "She's probably going to live right next door to me! Oh, it would be perfect if only..." Karem's triumph died out, trailing into depression. "Only if she actually liked you... Bro this is going to kill you if you don't let her go." There was a long pause.

"You're right. I HAVE been super depressed about this lately. And it seems to be that she is really attracted to Jade." She sighed. "How so, bro...?" I asked in suspicion of her point. "I walked in on her... In my room." She began. "And?" I asked, not quite sure what she was saying. "She was... doing what teenagers do." My eyes went wide in shock as I realized what she meant.

"In your room?" She confirmed. "On your bed?" She said yes. "Bro, what if that wasn't about Jade at all?" I asked, hopeful for Karem. "Well, I did end up getting my ring caught on the bottom of her shirt before this happened. My hand was on her upper thigh for a while but she didn't seem to react the entire time." She trailed off but then I made a face as if she could see my reaction.

"So bro, how did YOU react?" I asked, trying to keep from laughing. "Uh- I- Wha- Bro. Don't even- I mean- !" She rambled on. "Be honest bro." I giggled a bit. "Well let's just say that I wasn't just cleaning in the shower..." Karem seemed to distance herself from the phone, awaiting my response. My eyes were even wider than before.

"Woah. Not THAT much information! But god, you must REALLY like her." I said as I grabbed my bass off of its stand, putting the strap over my shoulder. "You have no idea." I plucked a string silently whispering the lyrics to a new song I had been trying to learn.

Karem suddenly hesitated then whispered. "Bro, Teke just came back into the house. I gotta go before she overhears this conversation." She seemed to be pacing now. "Well okay, I'll talk to you later, bro." I said, plugging the wire into my amp attach to my bass. "See ya." The phone call ended and I stood there, amp turned on. I checked the screws and tuned it quickly. I began strumming the song and singing quietly. 

"Karem has got to figure this shit out..." I whispered faintly.

The End

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