Karem P.O.V. Chapter 21Mature

Tekanero seemed to be terribly sad when we got off the bus, my brother following behind us. "So, uh, its pretty hot today." I tried to start a conversation casually. She shrugged and kept looking at the ground, as if she was afraid to look at me "Look, can you please tell me what's going on?" You've been acting odd lately, Teke."

She finally looked up at me, her eyes glistened over and her child-like face peering at me. She sighed and I grabbed her arm lightly, almost hesitating with the realization of the fact that we were touching. I pulled out of my dizzy love-sick dramatization and dragged her beside the wooden fence lining the side of the drive leading to the house, waving my brothers off to go home.

"What's going on Teke?" I asked, looking into her eyes and placing a worried hand on her shoulder, reminiscing from yet another touch of Tekanero's skin. "Its just that I'm worried about so many things right now." She spoke, sighing yet again. "Like...?" I asked and Tekanero raised an eyebrow, smiling as we realized the irony of this whole situation.

"Okay well, besides the fact that we have to find some place for you in the next twenty days." I half-smirked at her. She smiled bck but it was a short victory, as it soon turned back into a frown. "I - Well, I have these... feelings for someone but I'm afraid that it'll be too late before they find out that they are my only hope that I have to hold onto." I stood there, dumbfounded and mind reeling as the words began to soak into my skin; Rushing through my veins and pulsing my heart with poison and fear as well as hope.

We began walking again in the familiar silence that we both knew quite well. Then, I choose to do something that I wasn't sure whether I'd be able to do. I grabbed Tekanero's arm and warmly pulled her into my spectacle. My heart flipped over inside my chest being so close to her. Close to her neck that I was so tempted to sink my teeth into. So close to her hair, eager to run my fingers through it.

What I was about to say would send ripple effects of pain throughout my body, plaguing my mind. "I'll help you." I let out a small sigh before I continued. "Whoever this person may be is VERY lucky to have such a beautiful lady after 'em." I pulled my head back so I could see her face, and saw that she was in tears. "Oh Teke..." I felt my throat begin to close, feeling my own tear ducts begin to water seeing her like this.

She grabbed the collar of my shirt, burying her face into the softness. We stood there for a moment before she responded. "Do you really think that I'm beautiful?" What a stupid question, I thought. "You are terribly pretty Teke. Anyone would be lucky to have you. Even me." I laughed but felt my inner self screaming at what I have just said to her. 'Even me'?! Gee, thanks for giving away your position alpha! Time to call in air support because we are about to get a bomb dropped on us!

Tekanero's face grew pale with a shade of red in the cheeks. " I, uh... Excuse me." She turned and ran towards the house, dropping her green notebook on the ground by accident. I grabbed the notebook and a note fell out of if. On the front of it read, "To: Karem". I quickly debated on whether opening it or putting it back in the notebook. "Well, its to me anyway - But what if she just wrote it cause she was bored or something?" I sighed about opened it, beginning to read it.

Dear Karem,

I don't have much time left but, I cannot express this enough in person out of fear of rejection. But, here goes. Time is running out for me to find some place. I feel so comfortable living with you and your family. I wanted to ask if I could stay. But really I know that it is up to your parents and the judge. *sigh* In truth, I'm not just completely concerned about that. I'm concerned about OUR relationship as well. I mean... Nevermind. See ya.


'Fell so comfortable living with you'. That's all that I could really gather. She actually likes it here. I couldn't tell if this was good or bad news for my problem. She's dating Jade you a-hole! I heard my subconscious mind yell at me. I sighed and ran up to the front porch, not wasting time to get inside and find Teke locked in the bathroom. My brothers had already left to go to Grandma Bonnie's house.

"Teke, can we talk?" I asked, knocking on the bathroom door. "Just." She paused. "Just go away." She continued, her voice sounding like she was right behind the door. "You dropped your notebook... And this." I slid the note under the door. She unlocked the door and let me in, locking it once more behind me. I handed her the notebook, feeling nervous in this small room alone with her.

"Why'd you run away?" I asked, playing with the golden ring on my right hand. She leaned against the washer for a moment and then spoke. "No one's ever told me that before." She smiled slightly at me. "That you're beautiful?" She nodded and I felt sorrowful. "But you are. That doesn't make any se-!" She put a finger to my lips. "Thank you." Her face was about a foot from mine.

Our eyes made contact and they seemed to be calling me forth. I leaned in slightly, my heart racing, waiting for her to do the same. Just then, there was a knock at the door. The dogs began to bark profusely. I walked out of the bathroom, Tekanero following closely behind.

I opened the front door to see the neighbor's dad, Dan, and his son Trent. "Hey, its the Newlands!" They smiled as Ally, the wife, held up a box of garden grown vegetables. "Oh! You must be Tekanero!" Dan embraced Teke warmly and abruptly. She had her arms at her side, standing awkwardly and disgusted. After about two minutes of odd and creepy smiling and the embrace that was not returned, Dan released Tekanero.

She didn't respond to his pitiful eyes that seemed to ask a question, she only turned to me and gave me a look that said, 'These people are crazy.' and 'How do they know me?' I invited them in and took the garden goods into the kitchen. There were many of them, it must be bad news they have brought forth then, I guessed. You could see each of our highly Christian neighbors' cross necklaces shine with the light, blinding.

"Judge Mockness, a great man, sent us a letter about your... situation." Dan began talking when I sat down on the couch across from them with Teke. "You only have four more years until you're eighteen and we'd like to foster you until you're ready to leave the nest!" Ally said, astounded to be the one to tell Tekanero the news.

"Where do you live?" Tekanero asked as if that's all that mattered. I flung my hand into Tekanero's side. "They're my neighbors. They live right down the road, dude." I laughed and Teke gave me a look of which showed that I just made her feel dumb. Dan smiled, trying to comfort her.

"Well, you just go left when you are walking out of Karem's driveway. That whole drive there is ours." I looked at Teke and smiled, then I tried to bring my hand back from where it landed in her lap. When I did,the ring on one of my fingers seemed to be caught. Tekanero noticed this and we tried to get it unhooked without the Newlanders noticing. 

It was unsuccessful and lucky me, the ring had hooked near the bottom of her shirt. I was so close to her and I had to resist the urge to tackle her. Resisting still didn't keep my visual mind from going insane. A vision formed before my eyes as my hand stayed on her upper thigh.

I jumped onto her, my hand still hooked onto her shirt. The hand brushed her shirt up her belly and then up further. My lips clashed with hers, a faint moan escaping the corners of her lips as my other hand reached for the button on her pants. Her eyes went wide but then closed once more. I clenched my legs together as I flashed back to reality.

"Well, we'll leave you here to ponder your options." The Newlanders got up to let themselves out, saying words of goodbye. I looked over and noticed that Tekanero's legs too, were clenched together. I instantly felt bad. "I am so sorry." I pick up my hand, exposing her stomach slightly. "Its okay..." She seemed to be holding back on something.

"On three, tug on the shirt, and I'll tug on the ring." I slid my finger out of it. Why didn't I think of that in the first place?! Maybe because you wanted to keep it there... SHUTUP! You know I'm right! My inner thoughts fought with one another. We tugged at once and finally the ring unhooked.

"Peace has been restored!" Tekanero shouted. Not in my mind. I thought. 


The End

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