Jade P.O.V. Chapter 20Mature

"You can't deny it, chicky!" I poked Tekanero in the side, teasing her. "You were SO checking her out!" She blushed, looking away from Karem's general direction as she hung her head low, pacing down the hallway. "Well I'm gonna deny it anyway." I nudged her. "Asking her out and her saying 'no' would be better than never knowing," I pressed, hoping to convince her to follow her heart.

"Maybe its better to wonder than getting my heart crushed." I shot her a concerned look, responding to her the only way that I knew how, "Meow..." I grabbed her arm, purring, trying to cheer her up. "Its useless Jade. I've got everything planned down to the noose and the note. Soon this will all be over." She looked down at the ground. "No matter where I go from here, I'll always be a mistake, a failure, and a waste of space..."

She kicked a pencil on the ground in front of her, "Well, it seems that no matter what I say, I can't convince you to rethink leaving me here with no one. I've tried, Teke. But whatever you wanna do here is not for me to choose. You mean more to me than almost everyone and everything in this world sissy. I just want you to be happy." Tekanero looked up now, her eyes twinkling slightly.

"I'm sorry Jade," she began, but I held up a hand, not wanting to hear anymore, afraid to tear up. "Just... Don't. Please. I can barely even talk to you about this without thinking negative thoughts on myself." She looked away from me for a moment, trying to think of a subject to change to. "Huh - Hmm..."

Tekanero cleared her throat, as I swallowed the lump that had taken its place in the middle of my throat, "So..." She managed to croak out as we managed to reach my class. "I'll talk to you later, sis." I nodded as she walked away, hanging her head with guilt. I walked to my next hour thinking, only if Teke were to have a romantic relationship and the person treated her right like I do. Maybe she'd throw this whole plan away. 

But the horrible part is that that person doesn't show the least bit interest in Teke. Karem... We tried making her jealous today, but I guess it didn't work, and Teke said that she herself has been dressing more provocatively at Karem's house, and at school. Accidentally slipping a robe or towel, but not too much. 

But God, if Karem hasn't noticed this then well maybe she's not gay! Who could NOT notice a single, sexy, gay, girl in your OWN house! I don't approve but GRAH! I truly believe Tekanero needs Karem, and Karem better make a move! Its December, four more months than Mayhem Monday... When Teke will be no more. I'm depending on this 'Karem', who I barely even know, and I pray that she will save my sister.

The End

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