Matrina P.O.V. Chapter 19Mature

I could feel something, as I kissed Jakobi. I could feel something. I twas really starting to make me feel uncomfortable. I continued kissing him until it was unbearable. "Ok! Ok!" I said as I gently pushed him away. He had a sprinkle of hurt in his eyes but mostly confusion.

"I feel something," before I could finish he began stuttering how sorry he was, "No! Not your boner! That was already evident!" I said, still trying to figure out what it was while Jakobi was wide-mouthed. I then heard a loud outburst of laughter. I turned around to its beckon. "My identity! Its been found!" I heard Karem say as she rose up from her hiding position behind a bench nearby.

"Bro! I could feel you stare boring into me!" I said as we brofisted and began speaking of 'Bonquisha'. Jakobi walked up and gave me a kiss on my temple, "I have to head to football practice anyways baby, have fun, but not too much." He said grabbing his football pads and running off to the field.

Karem had face palmed by now and removed it, giving me an 'I can't believe your boyfriend' look. "Hey bro, I've got a question. Why have you been crying and why do I have the idea that its because of Tekanero?" I asked Karem. "I'm not even going to deny it this time. How? How are you always so spot on?" She said so reassured. 

She explained the movie situation. That's when Tekanero decided to walk by holding hands with Jade and sat down on the cement further from us in between Jade's legs. Jade was playing with Tekanero's hair and Tekanero let her hand fall back onto Jade's chest and Jade played with the rim of Tekanero's skirt. 

Karem turned back to me, complete hopelessness and such shock so very evident in her face. "I can no longer deny that they are indeed an adorable couple," Karem's heart broke as I said that, I could hear it, "But it doesn't matter! Bro... We're going to find you another crush." I said, trying to sound confident. I knew I couldn't change the fact Tekanero was obviously in a heartfelt relationship with Jade.

I had looked down for only a moment only to look back up to find Karem's eyes silently searching Tekanero's legs, her eyes wandering as if they were her hands. I knew Karem was innocent in this situation with Tekanero being such a distinct tease, but, no. "Hey!" I yelled at Karem abruptly, her head snapping back, looking everywhere else but my eyes,  guilt in her body language. 

"I said ANOTHER crush, forget about her!" I said, trying to sound convincing. We finally met eyes. "You realize I live with her right?!" Karem stated sternly.

The End

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