Karem P.O.V. Chapter 18Mature

My parents pulled out of the AMC Theater's entrance. The movies? Of all places to hang out. I've always thought of the movies as a romantic place to go. It should be Jade, her girlfriend to go with her to the movies, not me. I'm not gonna complain though - I love hanging out with Tekanero. "Alright. You ready?" She asked, adjusting the red beanie on her head. 

"I was born ready. Pshh..." I said in a preppy girl voice, switching the toothpick I had in my mouth to the other side. She suppressed a giggle and I grabbed the handle of the door to open it for her. We walked up to the marble counter top that had glass windows to show the different assorted candies that they had for sale.

"Um, hi!" The cashier twirled her hair, chewing on bubblegum. Classical ignorant teen - the poster child of the preps. "Two tickets to see Gutslasher: Dawn of the Doom, please." Tekanero pushed the money forward on the counter. The girl rolled her eyes as she heard the name of the movie. She began to register it in. "Ew, why?" She remarked as she hit the buttons of the cash register. I turned to Tekanero, her eyes wide. 

"Because it's freaking awesome." She put it bluntly. The girl gawked and said, "To me, it sounds really gay." She extended her hand out with the tickets. Tekanero was pissed. We were both offended but I was just gonna let it go. The girl began to get impatient. "Here." She said.

Tekanero ripped the tickers from her hand. "Gay is okay, you idiot." She death glared into what seemed to be the girl's soul. "And it should NOT be used to define something you think is stupid. You have vocabulary, right?" The girl was still dumbfounded by Tekanero's response. "Or are you too 'gay' to have one?"

Tekanero put in quotations. The girl said nothing. "That's what I thought." We tore away from the counter and I gave her a smile, "That was amazing!" I said, suddenly more amazed by her than usual. "Oh, I just hate when people are so ignorant about my sexuality. I mean you don't hear me saying, 'Oh, that's so straight!' It's really dumb and it just goes to show how much of an idiot you truly are."

She laughed but I could tell that she meant every word. "I agree completely." I said, and gave her a high-five, then opened the door to the screening room. We scurried along to two seats in the far right back of the room. Luckily, there weren't very many other people in the room with us. The movie began with a scene where an older teenage boy was running down the street, looking back frequently, in pure terror.

"I'll get you." A groggy voice said in the background as if talking through some sort of film. The camera turned to the ground suddenly and I heard the boy scream, blood spewing onto the pavement. 

I felt Tekanero go stiff with excitement. She was fully enveloped into the movie. Where as I, not really caring for the movie, studied Tekanero. It wasn't until she caught me looking that I realized how creepy I was acting. I tried to concentrate on the movie but it was impossible when a really scary part came up and Tekanero jumped, grabbing onto my arm.

She seemed truly frightened. You'd expect her to go back to normal then, but she just held onto my arm until the movie was over. "Damn!" She said, "That shit was intense!" She stood up, finally letting go. "Yeah." I said, as if I was actually paying attention to the movie. Of course that was a complete and obvious lie at the least.

She touched me... Held onto me even. I don't know why I felt like I had betrayed Jade. Wait, we aren't even for certain that they are dating, Karem. No. They HAVE to be. Nobody can be that close to NOT be dating! I sorted out my thoughts as I walked out of the screening room with her.

Luckily, the girl at the cash register was not there anymore or Tekanero might have done more damage to the fragile girl's mind. I wouldn't have stopped her though. That girl got what she deserved. Although, I was certain that it didn't make much a difference to the girl's views, it was nice to see that Tekanero was standing up for what was right.

My parents pulled up in the drive of the theater. "How was the movie?" My brother asked, excited for one of my reviews on the movie. I sighed, smiling, but then returning a look at Tekanero and she began to tell about every detail of the movie. Of course, I couldn't give a review. Maybe a review of Tekanero's face. Every detail memorized like I'd known her since we were children. 

When we got home, my parents and my brother got out and went inside. "The trampoline. NOW." Tekanero said, commanding me. "Fine, you butt head." We got out of the car, running over to the trampoline. I rolled onto the trampoline and began to jump up and down like a child. She started jumping with me. "So, did you enjoy laying on my arm?" I laughed, playing it off as a joke. "What do you mean?" She stopped jumping, confused by my words. 

"You were practically holding my arm the entire movie." I said, laughing it off again to get an answer. "Hmm..." She said softly, looking off into the distance. She suddenly shifted and swept my legs out from under me. Then, she jumped down, laying on her side, her head laying on top of my arm. My face was plagued with shock at how fast it all happened. 

"It was pretty comfortable." She smiled. We made eye contact for a brief moment. But then I felt something  -  something I was trying my hardest to push back away and forget. After all, every time I laid my emotions out for everyone so see, my heart was normally chopped in half with the Axe Of Rejection. But would it be the same with her?

Would she accept my... feelings... And take me in. Keep me safe and warm? But more importantly, would she let ME in to help HER? Would she let me heal her scars, and be there to wipe away her tears when she wept? Come to think of it, that place sounded perfect to me.

Holding her, my heart on my sleeve for all to see. I could feel my heart begin to implode on itself. How could I cope with this when I care for her more than I can explain?

The End

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