Tekanero's P.O.V. Chapter 17Mature

"Really? You're still on this, sis?" I said to Jade through the phone. I could hear her shuffling through drawers on the other end, "Oh! Make sure to get my cute panties. And my accessories and my speaker." I could hear her groaning on the other end. She stopped complaining and responded, "Yes, I'm still on this! I'm your sister! And you didn't even hesitate to consider staying those thirty days with me?"

I could tell she wasn't really mad, she just wanted to argue. "Of course I did. Damn this car is hot. But your mom hates me and I'd never be allowed in your house for thirty days. You know that!" She saw all my sense. "I know. So... You like her?" Jade asked curiously. "You're joking, right?" I said, switching the phone to my other hand. "Are you almost done?"Then I heard her hang up and was about to get pissed when I saw her walking out of the house with trash bags full of clothes and other precious items of mine.

I was sitting in a DHS car that would soon transport me to my temporary home, Karem's place.

I jumped when I came out of my daydream, well, really a flashback. I always think of the oddest moments when I'm staring off into space. But I didn't expect to see Karem's face three inches in front of mine! 

"Hey gazer, are you gonna pass the ball?" Karem said playfully taunting me. "I hate how Osnes is making us do this," I said, smirking at Karem, bouncing the ball to her. "So. No makeup today?" Karem look surprised I had noticed. "Yeah, didn't really feel like putting it on today. You saw me this morning when I got out of bed. I am NOT a morning person!" She exclaimed as she changed the ball to her non-dominant hand as instructed by Coach Osnes.

"I think you look great all natural but then again, you always look beautiful, so eh." I said casually. Then, only then, did I realize what I had just said aloud. Was I flirting? No, hopefully she doesn't notice. Just a friendly, complementing friend... 

She simply shook her head as if dismissing it. She didn't see her beauty? She COULDN'T see it? But why? I concealed my confusion by running after the basketball after it had reverberated off of my combat boots. We walked to lunch after our boring basketball lesson in P.E. and I saw Kimberly holding onto her books tightly on one of the steps leading to the main building.

Lizzie Sanders, and extremely snobby girl who always gets what she wants was standing in front of her and throwing her hands into the air as she talked. This wasn't right. "You know who I am, right?" Lizzie was being way hostile, the rest of the group wasn't going to do anything, but Kimberly was a good friend of mine. "I really tried not to mention your name! It just sorta slipped out and I couldn't take it back!"

Kimberly sounded like she was going to cry. I walked up to my disgruntled friend, "Snitches get stitches -," I cut Lizzie off and looked at her in a way that made her realize who I was, doubt flashed in her eyes then she hid it with a disgusted look, "Why not bitches get stitches? I don't like snitches either but Kimberly always has a legit reason for what she does."

I could see my logic had no effect on this girl. She must have killed all of her brain cells breathing in all of that blonde hair dye. She looked behind me at Kimberly, "Why are you smiling, fat ass? You think I won't push you're 'help' out of the way?!" She put her hand on my shoulder and applied pressure expecting me to move. No. I grabbed her wrist with my right hand and took a step forward so she was further away from Kimberly.

I used my left hand to pull her towards me by her hair. She had gone stiff. I tilted her head so I could whisper in her ear, "I don't want a fight. And you don't want to fight with me, I know. So don't pick a fight with my friends because by doing that you have broken your own bones. I will not break a nail, I will break you. With no regrets or remorse. You've had your warning. By the way, nice roots, redhead."

I released her and she put her hands to the top of her head and quickly walked through the double doors leading to lunch. All my friends were in shock. "What?" I asked, "You should be used to this by now, if not then get used to it." I said with a gently smile. We talked about what Lizzie had gotten in trouble for. Apparently she had been in the Janitor's closet getting it on with a senior and Kimberly happened to catch them.She was later interrogated and accidentally slipped Lizzie's name and she got into trouble.

I had just noticed how sore I was from P.E. stretches when I was being dragged to the lunch line by Karem. "You're eating twig! You didn't eat breakfast." Karem said. "Do you see how much I eat?!" I exclaimed. "Hey you... you should come play video games with me today." Jade had snuck up behind me. "Actually I'm not allowed to leave during the thirty days. Court orders." Jade looked disappointed. "Well crap. I'll find a way to kidnap you. Love ya!" She said walking away, I slapped her ass as she walked away, "Love ya more cutie!"

I said and turned back to Karem, she quickly changed her expression from gloom to a smile. Hm? Why so gloomy? Why'd she change it? "You can't go anywhere else? Even I didn't know that." Karem said, moving forward in line. "Well, I may have fibbed... I just said that so I could hang out with you today." Karem then spoke rolling her eyes at me, "But we're been hanging out non stop for the last four days. Go hang out with your..." SHe looked befuddled for a moment, "Go hang out with Jade."

"We haven't hung out! We've been together as roommates! Not friends. I want to hang out as more than roommates today, as friends!" I exclaimed hoping she'd agree. "Well, okay." What did you have in mind?" Karem gave me her half smirk.

The End

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