Matrina P.O.V. Chapter 16Mature

So, bro has been getting on and off her bus with Tekanero for the past week now. What's going on? Did I miss something? Karem interrupted my concentration, tapping me on the shoulder and offering me a warm-hearted smile. "what are doin'?" She asked, taking a seat next to me on the bench. I looked over shoulder and saw Tekanero talking to Jade next to the small oak tree that stood at the edge of the cement slab outside the school.

Our eyes met briefly. She seemed to be eager to join us but that she didn't want to make me mad. I looked away quickly, trying to not make it obvious that I was looking at Tekanero. Karem's eyebrow rose. "Hmmm..." She began, "You're wondering something." She was right. "Wha-how did you... ?" I looked down at the table in worry.

"Matrina, we're best friends. I know you very well. Like the back of this very hand." She raised her hand, smiling at me. "You are..." She thought for a bit. "Wondering about Tekanero." I shuddered at her words but then nodded in response. Her smile shrank slightly then she asked, "What do you want to know, Matrina?" I muddled over this question for a moment, picking words to form a sentence in my mind.

"Well, why is Tekanero spending so much time at your house?" I looked at her now, hoping she would be completely honest in answering my questions. "I can't say all of it. Because it's a personal matter. But she IS staying with me for a while. Personal issues." I tilted my head to the side. "Okay. Well, how is that working out for you?"

She looked puzzled for a moment but then answered, "Its actually pretty cool. Almost like having a sister but..." She stopped for a moment, acting like she was trying to grasp onto something. "Forget that, uh... Next question?" I knew what it was. "You like her!" I felt joy for some odd reason. "NO!" She said, trying to cover her trail. "Yes! I know you!" I said in response to her obvious lie.

"Okay. Sh... Keep it down." She cooed. "You do?!" I squealed. "Dude! You gotta ask her out!" I whispered in a voice sounding so much like Jakobi when he talks to his buddies. "I can't bro." She said, her eyes glistening over with sadness. "Think. But you don't KNOW." I said, trying to help. "I dunno bro." She said. "Dude... Just try."

The End

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