Jade P.O.V. Chapter 15Mature

Some people call me a philosopher, i try to make people smile through the hardest of times. Especially my sister, or what people would call my best friend. I just don't think that describes our relationship enough, its an understatement. Everything went by so fast. First, I got a call from Karem saying she had Tekanero. Then they asked me to get some of her stuff while her parents were gone.

And now, well now I'm sitting in a court room next to Karem watching Tekanero cry her heart out to some strangers that were to decide her fate. Neither her, nor us wanted her to stay "Home". Karem had explained to me how she wanted to leave her house and how DHS was stepping in and thats why shes here. If Tekanero was given back to her mom after this whole ordeal of getting custody taken away and given to a foster family then it would be worse for Tekanero and everything would be for not.

I couldn't let that happen to her. "Please." Tekanero said finally in clarity, just let me have some time. I'll stay with Karem until I have everything figured out, just please." The courtroom was full of whispers. "Okay." The judge began, ordering silence. "It is granted that the child stay at Karem's house until further notice." He said to Tekanero's mother, who seemed to not be effected at all by his words.

He then turned to Tekanero. "You have thirty days to figure this out. Take your time and weigh your options." He gave Tekanero's mother another look before saying, "Court is adjourned." His gavel slammed onto the wooden circle on his podium. As a fluster of movement gathered around me, I immediately hugged Tekanero. I could feel her smiling into my shirt, tears of sweet victory coating her cheeks. 

"Congratulations Tekanero." I heard and let go of Teke, and she ran to Karem. "Oof!" Karem let out a breath. An unexpected bear hug immersing Karem. She finally gave in, hugging Tekanero. "Thank you..." A muffled whisper came from Tekanero. Karem spread a smile on her face. An accessory she rarely wore. Karem let her go and said, "Come on. Lets go home." I felt a bit of jealousy in that sentence. I stuck my tongue out at Karem. "I wish she could my roomate."

Tekanero grinned at me, "Nope. I think I've had to much of sissy lately." She teased me, "Fine! Gosh!" We laughed it out and said our goodbyes as I followed my mother out the door. 30 days Teke, 30 days. Take the time but don't take too long.

The End

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