Tekanero's P.O.V. Chapter 14Mature

A friend? A friend among the bushes? I was sitting in the bush in some big sand pit when a dog ran into my hide out. I had been there because the temperature began to plummet. So cold, so cold. Hoping the bush would warm me up, I stayed there. "I'll hold you, and feed you any food I can. Will you stay?" I asked the beagle, noticing how lonely I was for the four days that I had been out here, alone with my thoughts.

I then heard a voice yelling and feet stomping and skidding, sliding in the dirt, and getting closer. It was a girl, young, chasing the dog. I felt my own face drop knowing that I didn't have a friend. I pulled my hand back into the bush quickly, remembering that I was petting the pup. She had noticed! No, no... She knelt down by the bush cautiously.

I couldn't escape now, crouching in the bush, petrified as I awaited to be seen. She looked at me, and I looked back at her. I almost had a heart attack. Karem! Why was she here? Her dog, I was going to steal her dog? Does she recognize me? She can't, no! No change in her facial expression, so I'm guessing that she doesn't realize. 

Oddly enough, this hurt me. I let her pull me out of the bush after hearing her sympathetic words offering a helping hand. I struggled back to her house and ended up in the bathroom alone with Karem, who insisted on cleaning me. Wait. She was home alone? How odd. My parents would never, wait - You have no family. You have no family Tekanero. Karem wet a rag and began to clean my face. 

A few minutes later, Karem finished, her face in shock. I realized that she finally figured out who I was. "Tekanero." She pronounced my name with such anxiety plaguing it. "Yes. It's me." I replied, looking at my dirty hands folded in my lap. "Where have you be-?" She paused, looking me over again, a look then of understanding in what had happened. 

How could she know me so well? How could I know HER so well enough to know that she knew?

*Four Days Earlier*

"You're such a fucking liar!" My mother yelled at me, "You just want me unhappy!" I replied in disbelief, "You watch him! You fucking watch Caleb do it-" She interrupted me with a correction. "DAD!" I continued more irritated, "No! Not dad! My dad doesn't beat me and spit on me! My dad left so he didn't catch your crazy!"

My mom's voice that was surrounded with suppressed tears cracked with this sentence, "Then maybe you should go live with him! He's the one that wanted you. You think I wanted to keep a selfish brat that always wants attention?!" I knew what she was saying. I did make her life worse. I made everyone's life worse. She just wanted to be happy with my stepfather, who in reality is a douchebag that treats her like she's nothing. 

But after my sister Telly died, she's let anyone take advantage of her because she's lonely. "I don't want to ruin his life too..." I turned towards the door, opening it. I looked back and said, "I'd rather than live nowhere and call that home than stay here in this house and know that it's not." My mother's eyes glazed over in a catatonic state. I then shut the door, taking off down the road with no shoes on. 


Karem was so utterly confused with my story. I guess I should've told her how my stepdad beats me continuously and my mother pretends to not notice before telling her how I ran away from home. "Well you can't just keep running." Karem stated while pulling glass and gravel out of my feet. I got scared. Jade had already threatened to  tell Child Protection Services but I talked her out of it, "No! What? Wh-what do you mean?"

She looked at me knowing I knew, "I'm sorry..." And picked up her house phone.

The End

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