Karem P.O.V. Chapter 13Mature

It was late at night and my parents are running errands. Therefore, I, yes I, have to puppysit. Not Brock or Celton, ME. Always me... I sighed, watching the movie I had put in. My puppy Buster, the beagle, nuzzled my hand, giving me a look. "Hungry?" I asked, petting him softly. His tail wagged, indicating the container of dog food out from the cabinet.

"Buster! Lillie! You want Yum-Yums?" I yelled childishly and heard and array of paws patting at the ground in the hallway. I poured the food into their bowls, watching them as they chomped at the mix. I smiled and went back to the couch to sit and watch the movie. I reached for my can of soda to take a drink but realized it was empty.

I frowned and got up, with the can to open the door. I threw it in the can bin and just as I did, I heard a sound too familiar to me. Buster's puppy feet dashed across the porch and off of it, running into the horse fields nearby. "Dammit Karem." I slammed the door and darted after him, pissed off at both of us.

He dashed around the empty horse trailer in the field and I tried to trick him by going left when he thought I'd go right. It worked, but Buster was a VERY fast puppy. I saw him run down into the Red Dirt Pit - A construction area where I figured they were trying to mine there for what seemed like years now. I groaned, running as fast as I could into the valley-like mine.

Dust trailed after the pup as I was in hot pursuit. "Come back here you little shit!" I looked pretty hysterical, as I could imagine from a perspective of someone looking off the porch at me. Buster looked back, giving me his come-and-get-me look. I gave him a menacing look as I drew closer to him. Suddenly, he stopped, poking around a bush. I slowed down, trying to catch my breath.

"I hate you." I heard something thrash in the bushes. I squinted as Buster licked a dirty hand that stuck out of the bushes, almost unnoticeable at first. Puzzled, I walked over to Buster, kneeling down to peer into the bush. A dark figure, with a seemingly feminine structure seemed to cower away from me. A homeless person, great.

"Hi..." I could faintly see the girl, who appeared to be caked in mud and sweat. The girl didn't respond. "I can help you. Whoever you are." I outstretched a hand but the shadow seemed to quiver. My eyes went wide. Hypothermia, shit... I gently grabbed the girl's forearm and pulled her out of the bush slowly.

As I did, a crackle of lightning boomed overhead. The girl shrieked a fumbled forward into my arms. Uh. Lemme help..." I put the girl's arm around my neck, supporting her as she struggled to even walk. Buster, luckily, knew to follow me. I opened the door as we got to the porch. "Come." I pulled the girl along.

As I shut the door behind me, Lillie jumped up onto the girl. "Lillie, down!" Lillie obeyed but stared at the girl and whined. "Beautiful. Dog." The girl managed to choke out. I smiled and ushered her to the bathroom, putting down the lid of the toilet seat and sitting her down to rest. I grabbed a cloth, wetting it in the sink.

I looked into the girls eyes as I turned back to her, almost as if asking permission. Her eyes were a grey- blue color, seeming like I'd looked into them before. She nodded and I began to wash her face. The closer and closer her face was to be cleaner, the more I realized why she seemed so familiar to me. 

Her angel eyes looked up t me... Tekanero's eyes.

The End

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