Jade P.O.V. Chapter 10Mature

"Everything seems to be a mystery now..." I told Karem who was obviously just as worried as I was for Tekanero. She nodded and said, "Well, what do you know so far?" Her voice cracked, as if she was losing her voice. "I went to Tekanero's house and her mom answered the door," I started off as Karem listened intensely.

"Was she there?" She asked in question as to where the hell Tekanero was. "No, unfortunately not. Her mom apparently hasn't seen her in a couple of days either. She though she had been at a friends house." Karem looked at me understandingly,

"Okay, so the police have been involved." She said basically answering her own question. "No, you don't know her family, do you?" I said, seeing her face go pale when I said no, she was so confused, "Its not the fact that they don't care but she's, well, not their first priority. Her mom sorta just nodded and looked glazed over as if she didn't understand that her daughter was basically missing."

Karem's face was a mixture of disgust and anxiety, "So they're not doing anything?! Its their daughter!" She began pacing back and forth. "Someone got her! She was kidnapped! Or... Or she's lost somewhere!" She realized she was worrying me, so she stopped talking but kept pacing about the floor.

All her theories were making me nervous, and I'm an already nervous person. This is my sister. Se can beat the crap out of almost anyone. BUT that's only if you insult something she feels seriously about or worst of all, her friends/family. Other than that, she truly doesn't care about herself, about her well being, what's best for her.

She doesn't believe she's worth anything, so if somebody had grabbed her, she wouldn't last. She wouldn't fight. Karem was still pacing but on the other side of the slab now, asking people if they had seen her. I could tell lunch was almost over so I walked inside towards the office. 

"Excuse me?" I asked the office ladt shuffling through a file cabinet. Without turning around she asked what I needed. "I'm here to get Tekanero's homework, I came in earlier and you said it would be collected by lunch." I said, hoping she wasn't busy. "Tekanero!" She exclaimed, "Where HAS she been?!"

I thought and replied, "She's been sick, she should be back soon." I hate lying! I walked out of the office with 3 days worth of high school homework, a lot! "Why so many papers?" Karem asked as I passed by her in the hallway when the bell rang.

"Tekanero's homework. Just because she's missing school doesn't mean she can get away with falling behind." I stated, catching a flyaway worksheet.

The End

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