Karem P.O.V. Chapter 9Mature

Tekanero had been missing for a couple of days now. Each day another worry arousing suspicion. It was gloomy outside today. Martina walked up beside me on my way to second hour. "Hey, bro! Ready for band?" She asked, seemingly excited.

"Uh, no. Not really." I said, trying to hide the questions that had been boggling through my mind for quite some time now. "Why bro, you're usually excited to play. Is something botherin' you?" She asked, our eyes meeting, a silence developing between us. "Its just... I'm concerned about someone. I hope that she's okay ya know?"

I said, not wanting to say her name. "Who is it bro?" She asked, looking into my eyes, a hint of knowledge in her look. "I uh, well, its nobody special." I said, trailing off, looking at the floor. "Its Tekanero, isn't it?" Matrina scoffed, seeming angry with me. I looked back at her apologetically, hoping that she wouldn't seem too mad. 

"It is! You freaking... !" She yelled at me, as her face flushed bright red. "I hate her! How could you? I expect so much more of you, as a friend!" Everyone was looking at us now as Matrina spewed her venomous words. "Matrina, you don't understa-!" I tried to explain but she cut me off.

"You're my best friend! And she's my enemy! I don't understand this at all! I thought that we were clear on this subject I can't even begin to exp-!"I interrupted, choking on tears and rage shrouding my vocals. "I'm gay. I'm gay, alright! She is too! Maybe, just maybe I like her! Did that fucking occur to you at all? Or did you forget that about me?! I'm gay and I really can't chose who I crush on, okay? Just like you! I'm only human!"

I shouted, seeing the astonished faces of the people around me. "She's gay...?" I heard someone in the crowd whisper. "Faggot!" Someone shouted. "Bigot!" I shouted back, now turned away from Matrina, whose eyes were now filled with sorrow, her face flushed with shock.

"Do you even know me? Do you know what I've been through?!" I yelled to the crowd and they muted in complete silence. "Exactly!" I yelled into the perilous abiss of society. I made my way through the crowd, holding back tears. Hopefully, something would be done soon about... Wait... Did I just admit back there that I had feelings for Tekanero?

No no no no no... I walked quickly, places my hands over my head, blocking those thoughts. No no no no no. I repeated. 

The End

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