Matrina P.O.V. Chapter 8Mature

So, bro is still acting odd. She's been hanging out with Tekanero. (Apparently that's her name.) Its okay but I don't understand. Why would she be friends with someone who did that to me? I sighed, walking over to Karem and Tekanero, and threw my backpack on the table they were sitting at outside.

"Ey bro." I said, hearing the sadness of my own voice as I spoke. Get it under control Matrina. You got this. "Ey!" Karem responded happily and Tekanero gave me a look of question. She leaned forward, whispered something in Karem's ear and Karem nodded, turning back to me, and smiled.

Tekanero got up and motioned for me to come along, away from everyone. "What do YOU want?" I said, anger shrouding my thoughts. "I just wanted to say how so-" I cut her off. "Sorry for what? Embarrassing me?! Mocking Me?!" I yelled not regretting my anger. "I-I..." She said, her face dropping and looking down at the ground for a moment.

"You called me out in front of everyone! You don't even know be a-!" I was cut off by her returning the yell. "I said that I'm fucking sorry! I'm trying to apologize, but fuck it! I know that I'm despicable so just forget it! Forget everything! I don't like you and you don't like me. I get that. I don't even like myself, alright?" 

She paused, seeing my facial expression and breathed. "Sorry..." She said, and walked back to Karem, sitting next to her. I heard Karem say, "That didn't go very well I presume." Tekanero rested her head on her arms, folded on the table. I instantly felt bad for her in that moment.

I walked over and poked her as I sat down, "I accept your apology, alright? I just. Don't do it again." I said, then getting up and walking away. I spent the rest of the day lingering to spend as much time as I possibly could with Jakobi, trying to forget what had happened. 

The End

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