Jade P.O.V. Chapter 6Mature

I dropped down in my chair exhausted. I refused to get in the lunch line. I sighed, throwing my backpack into the seat next to me for Tekanero. Wait a second... Where IS Tekanero? Didn't I see her a second ago? I looked up, trying to visualize where I had seen her. I got up, leaving my jacket to mark my claim on the seat.

I could imagine that she probably went to the bathroom. I pushed the girls' bathroom door open. I walked in, searching everywhere for her. Several girls started gagging suddenly. I realized why and covered my nose in disgust. "Ew! What is that?!" One of the girls shouted. "Is that a stink bomb?" Another went on.

Smoke started to come from one of the stalls. "Tekanero!" I called out, starting to cough from the smoke. "Where the hell are you?" I yelled and then ran out, trying to catch my breath. What the fuck? If she was in there... Maybe someone had done it specifically to mess with her. 

I glanced over and saw a boy trying to get into the boys' bathroom. It appeared to be locked. Strange. The bathrooms are never locked. Hm.I said, puzzled, but didn't think much of it. I went back to my table and say there, talking with a few friends but keeping in mind that Tekanero was missing and ignoring the frenzy at the bathrooms.

The End

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