Tekanero P.O.V. Chapter 5Mature

Saturday detention for me! Not like I had anything to do, I have no life. And that dude totally deserved it. Walking to P.E. after missing 2nd hour for my stupid lecture I dragged my Converse across the asphalt and when I was about to step into the gym building  when a girl stopped me in my tracks, "So I heard you were a fag, eh?" Not again.

I tried to continue walking calmly to P.E., but my efforts were for not. I felt pain strike across my face. My automatic instinct was to fight back but oddly enough, I thought before I acted. I would be sent back to Juvie if I were involved or harmed someone seriously in a fight. Was I supposed to take it? Apparently so.

I got a kick to my stomach and as I doubled over another girl from the posse grabbed my hair and pulled me to the ground. I would not let a squeal escape. For a couple of seconds, the beating ceased. I let my eyes open from their closed position to see the ponytail girl trying to fend off the girls. Why? I then got up and was automatically sent back down by a punch to the head. 

I want to fight! Stupid parole officer! I could feel blood coming out of my mouth, I closed my mouth but to no avail. The blood only came out of the hole where my lip ring was. I rolled my head over, and must of blacked out because the next thing I knew, I was cuddled into the crook of ponytail's arm. She was holding me tightly but not too tightly in which it would bother my wounds. 

"Tekanero?" The teacher that was kneeling next to ponytail girl snapped me out of whatever I was in that wasn't real. Won't be real. I don't WANT it to be real. But what was real was a worried teacher helping us to the nurse. Apparently ponytail's name is Karem... OK. Whatever, I don't care. I really don't. Then why are you trying to convince yourself?

I had to stop talking to myself. "No!" I said as the nurse removed my bracelets and jacket to look for more injuries, the nurse and Karem both looked at me quickly. I didn't want to seem suspicious so I withdrew my complaint. I could play the scars off, and the fresh ones I'll blame on the fight. I'm a good liar. 

The nurse surprisingly didn't ask any questions, only gave my wrists and arms a sad look. I hope Karem didn't see. As I was walking back to class I stared at the picture of Karem and remembering one small smile we shared before I left the office. It was too much human contact for me for one day. I slipped the picture back into my pocket and thought about the events of yesterday.

I basically told my class I was gay. I got Saturday school. Got beaten up. Karem helped. She told me it was OK to be gay and she was too. I also- WAIT! Rewind! She DID tell me she was gay! She did! She's GAY! Why am I so fucking excited?! Because I'm no alone? Well I WANT to be alone. So. Yeah. No friends, just my sister, Jade.

No one else. Just. No. During lunch I stood to the side like usual, always by the table Jade sat at but never too close. I decided to walk to the bathroom and ignored the dirty glances as I did so. As I was about to open the door, a hand went over my mouth from behind and dragged me to the boys' bathroom. I could hear the person cursing as I bit their hand. My efforts were futile. As the boys' bathroom door closed, I heard girls screaming and running in the girls' bathroom just feet away. 

I was swiftly turned around and the hand recoiled from my mouth. I was astonished as I said the name out loud, "Karem?" I was against the wall.

The End

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