Karem P.O.V. Chapter 4Mature

I'm pissed to say the least. Making fun of her for something she can't control? What the fuck crawled up her ass?! I was about to confront her when a group of girls approached her.

I looked at them, puzzled. One of the girls took the backpack from her and I head the leader say, "Hey, word around school is that you're a fag, eh?" What? I believe the proper word is gay and... Wait, what? She's gay...? "Leave me alone." She said. "No. Where I'm from, the faggots get kicked the shit out of. So, yeah." I felt a wave of anger rush over me then.

The leader snapped her fingers, cuing for them to attack. One girl pushed her, knocking her to the ground. I dropped my backpack and ran to help her. No one seemed to show that they wanted to help except me. Ignorance, you might say. One of the girls pulled a foot up but before she could kick, my shoulder hooked into her abdomen, tackling her to the ground. 

I pulled back up, engaging in a look of shock from the leader. My fist pulled back, adrenaline pumping as she spun around from the impact of my punch. Another girl landed a punch into my side. I doubled over from the pain, then returning the favor, sweeping her legs out from under her. I turned around to see two other girls kicking Tekanero.

Aw, hell no. This is bull shit. I grabbed the back of one of their shirts and threw her to the ground. I looked back at the other, giving her a warning look. The girl's eyes widened, and she back away, running away from the scene.

"You..." I winced at the pain in my side. "Okay...?" I asked, not exactly sure why I cared for her after what she did. She was just about to answer when I was launched to the ground. I felt blows contact all over my body. one kicked me in the head, another landed in my kidney.

I put my arms up, trying to shield myself. "You think you're a hero, huh?" One said, "You are NOTHING." Another went on. When they were finished, I managed to open my eyes, knowing that they were swollen. The leader with blonde hair bent over me, looking into my eyes and spoke.

"Like your injuries?" She laughed at me as I groaned. "Good, cause you're going to get even more of them later." She laughed once more as she turned and walked away. I wobbled to push myself up. I willed an arm to prop me with the strength I had left. "You. You're nothing but a..."I tasted blood in my mouth.

"A coward! You know damn well you are nothing without your little posse." They turned around, looking at me in astonishment. "Hmph!" The girl turned away, walking away like a child that had been told that they couldn't have that toy that they wanted. I struggled to sit up fully. I wanted to scream in pain.

"I'm fine. I..." The girl trailed off. I looked over at her she looked at me with a certain gleam in her eyes. "Good." I said. She had a couple of fresh bruises on her arm. And that's just what I could see. She looked me over, noticing that I was trying to see how bad her injuries were as well. 

"Thank you." She offered me a smile, which I didn't expect. "It's just not right, I mean. I couldn't just let it happen." I paused for a moment, applying pressure to my abdomen and continuing. "You're gay, and that's okay." I smiled as she looked like she was trying not to smile too much. 

"I mean, I'm gay too but, I just wish someone was there for ME when stuff like that happened. And it's just all dumb." I looked into her grayish-blue eyes then. "Oh my god! Phelps! You okay?!" I heard my math teacher, Mrs. Tiago yell. She knelt next to us. Her eyes went wide as a trickle of blood escaped the corner of my mouth. 

"Goodness!" She pulled a handkerchief out of her back pocket and pressed it to my mouth. She looked over at the girl. "Tekanero, right?" She asked and the girl nodded. Tekanero? Beautiful name, I had to admit. Mrs. Tiago help me up with this... Tekanero. 

They both supported me, my arms around their shoulders. We got to the nurse's office, where the nurse put me in a small cot and examined my injuries, letting me change into a tank top for further examination. "What happened?" The nurse waved Mrs. Tiago off to go teach her class.

I looked at Tekanero. "Just a disagreement with some girls. No biggie." I said, closing my swollen eyes. "No biggie? You're bleeding out of the mouth, hun." She said, a hint of remorse for me in her voice. "I was trying to be some stupid hero, that's all." The nurse's brow furrowed as she tended the cuts on my lip and nose. 

"Nothing?" Tekanero suddenly spoke. I opened my eyes. "You stood up for me. Nobody does that." She trailed off. "Dramatics much?" I laughed. "Look at you! You don't even know me, and you helped. Others usually would stand there, laugh, or even join in!" She smiled, but only for a brief moment.

"You just don't realize..." She looked at the nurse. "Can I go...?" She asked, trying to reinforce her hard exterior like she had had before. "Yes, you may, but please be careful." She spoke, now looking back to my bruises. My eyes met hers before she walked out. She seemed tormented somewhat just by me looking into her eyes. 

It was like she just wanted to be alone but at the same time, she just wanted someone to understand. My face lightened, and I gave her a reassuring half-smile, she returned the gesture briefly as she left the room. The door closing, and echoing through my foundations. I returned to class soon, holding an ice pack to my abdomen and face when needed. 

One question still filtered in my head: Why? Why did I do this? I had so many reason to hate her but my mind and body said otherwise. But what if I just wanted just those things? What if it was also my heart craving to know her? To befriend her. To care for one another. But my body wanted more.

How could I desire this? This girl, who I barely knew. What is with me? Matrina is right. I AM in an odd mood today.

The End

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