Matrina P.O.V. Chapter 3Mature

Karem is in an odd mood today. Luckily, I could cheer her up (or try) earlier. She seemed pretty upset. After all, our classical gags seem to help us both. I came back from walking Jakobi to football practice, and there she was. I hate when she's sad, cause then I get sad. She's mah bro. I've known her since 2nd grade, and I've never seen her act like she's been lately...

I'm on my way to third hour now, still reminiscing the hilarity of her running into that pole today. She was distracted, I guess. Wait, there's bro now. "Ey!" I yelled ecstatically as I saw her leave the band room. She smiled, rubbing the back of her head. "Bro, you alright?" I asked. "Ya bro, just got a knot in the back of my head now." She smiled off her stupidity.

"So, you met the new girl outside of that incident?" She asked me, curiosity hinting in the tone of her voice. I could feel my face fall and she noticed the look of angst plaguing my face. "You okay bro? Breathe. Tell me." She said worriedly. "Its..." I gulped. "My week and I had to go to the nurse to get some products." I said quietly, not wanting the people passing by to make fun of me the way that she did.

"Go on." She said, eager to know what had happened. "She pointed out the stains... And mocked me in front of everyone bro. I cried, well, almost." I could see Karem's face flushing at that point with distinct anger. "But its okay." I muttered under my breath. "Well, isn't that convenient." She said. "What do you mean, bro?" I asked, my eyebrows pushing down.

"She's got third hour PE... With me." I grabbed bro's arm, "Don't think about it bro. She's probably just... Just not in a good mood or something." I said, hoping my words would sink into her brain. "No. Nobody dos that to MY bro, and doesn't get some kind of punishment!" She walked away, going towards the girl.

The girl walked towards the gym alone and Karem sprinted towards her. I didn't want her to say anything to the girl but at the same time, I knew that she was just being the good friend that she was. I'd do the same for her if someone had done something similar. Still, I didn't want Karem to get into a fight today, or any day for that matter.

I sighed and carried on to third hour, uncertain of what was to come of this situation.  

The End

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