Karem POV Chapter 1Mature

Karem is a teenager at her high school and dreading every moment of it. Tied to her recent pain and loneliness, she pushes forth to find happiness. Until she meets the new girl that moves to her town. Caught off guard by her beauty and mysteriousness, can she stitch these wounds, or will she fall further?

The howling winds left the house shaking at the seems. Shadows and darkness enveloped my now freezing room. There was a sudden thud outside my bedroom door. I awoke, cold sweat soaking my face and neck.

Frozen with terror, I heard a distant growling of a dog. I heard my heartbeat ringing through my ears, the doorknob turned, and click as it turned fully. I pulled the blanket up, as if it would save me from whatever lurked about at my door. The door flung open, a dark figure stood with glowing eyes.

I felt myself shaking in its tall presence, its teeth shining in what little moonlight filtered through the window. I lay there, terrified, unable to speak. "Your time has come..." The creature grinned its toothy facade. I opened my mouth to scream as it lunged at me, claws reaching my throat in an instant.

I was held up into the air, forced to look into the demon's eyes. And into it's eyes, hell brewed. I struggled to get free from its grasp but it was all useless. The creature grinned wider and threw me back down with a fierceness. "Death is near..." It's forked tongue flicks the words out like a snake could venom. The door slammed shut, the creature disappearing.

I sat up in bed, not sure if it was either tears or sweat that made up the majority of the moisture covering my body. I placed my head between my legs, trying to forget the face. Its wretched breath still wafting through my nose. "Just a dream..." I kept reminding myself. I got out of bed, walking to the bathroom and looking in the mirror, noticing the dark rings under my eyes that now called the place home.

I took a deep breath, turning on the faucet, and let out a deprived sigh. I reached down, cupping the water in my hands and washed my face, trying to rid the tears and sweat that resulted from the dream. I turned the faucet off, looking back up into the mirror, my hands resting on the rim of the sink, leaning into it.

"Lets be honest here." I paused, "You look like shit. I smiled half-heartedly. I got some clothes around and a towel, readying myself for a shower. I got undressed, sighing as the water warmed up. I turned the shower head on. "This is going to be a long day, I can already tell. I smiled faintly as the warmth of the shower hit me.

Soon, I found myself walking alone down my road to my bus stop. It was quiet, the water droplets panning off my jacket as I walked in silence. I walked onto the bus as it came to a screeching halt, as if the bus driver didn't see me at first. Well, I couldn't blame her.

I was merely a shadow. A crack in a slab of cement. The forgotten one. AN empty space of nothingness. An ant in a mansion full of fools. I wasn't anything to be recognized. An outcast, at the least. My life wasn't of any importance. Why was I thinking so much about this? No matter how little of importance I have, it won't matter, so why am I still thinking about it?

Society doesn't care; Society would've changed by now if it did... Right? Over 5,000 years and no progress. And it doesn't matter, so why am I STILL talking about it? I plopped down in my seat, throwing my backpack around to unzip it to grab my headphones.

Music. Oh sweet music. My only comfort these days. The only thing to soothe my loneliness was the sound of angelic but seemingly mysterious voices that sung the lyrics that spoke to me, and made me feel for once, that someone could relate to my recent downfall.

As I began the song, my worries seemed to fade. The sadness becoming merely a background to my burst of joy. And with each pluck of the string on that guitar, a part of my heart began to feel needed. This is where I wanted to be-WHAT I wanted to be. A part of someone's life, to show that somehow I made someone feel complete.

Being in a band would maybe, NO, definitely make me feel all the better about everything. To see that I mean something to anybody, really. To make someone smile, know that they mean something. That's where I want to be. Maybe I wouldn't be so revolved around this thought if it wouldn't have been the thing that I ran to so many times before.

Singing being my remedy and writing songs that described my situation. The more I became enveloped, the more that things were belittled. Music became everything. Sadly enough, music couldn't always come to my rescue. That was the only real problem with school. They didn't allow it to calm my nerves. A shame in my eyes, I didn't realize that I was humming softly, my eyes closed, feet tapping, and the song ended. My thought were interrupted.

I could tell that there was a definite dead silence on the bus, the atmosphere seemingly laid back. I looked out the window, waiting to reach the school. The bus pulled up to the high school, dropping us off. I got up, not wanting to go to class, but at the same time, not wanting to go back home either. I walked over to a bench on the concrete slab outside of the school.

I lay my head down, sighing. Someone tapped me on the shoulder. It was Matrina. "'Ey bro." She said enthusiastically. I smiled for a brief moment. She sat down, turning to look at her. "Hey." I said, smiling again; Glad she was here today. "You okay?" She asked, seeing my obvious discomfort in the thoughts that had been roaming through my head.

I let out a sigh then breathed deeply. "Nothing. Just...' I paused, looking down. "I-I've been so lonely lately. And everyone I try to talk to just leaves me alone after a while because 'I'm too depressing.'" Matrina nodded, understanding my words. "Sorry bro... Things have just been hectic at home. Sorry that I haven't really been here to comfort you. But it's okay, ya know...?"

I looked at her, confused. "People who leave you like that when you're upset, aren't really your friends. I wouldn't worry about it bro." I gave her a half-smile, not sure if her words were as comforting as she wanted them to be. "Thanks." I said, trying to be happy in her presence. "You're welcome bro. Plus, a lot of people just don't understand you. And that's okay. You're unique." She smiled at me reassuringly.

I nodded, feeling slightly better. "Now, let us frolic and find 'Bonquisha'." She said in quotations holding back laughter. I giggled briefly. "Okay." We got up and sprinted after leaving our backpacks for 'Bonquisha'. "BONQUISHA!?!?!" I shouted, people turning their heads, looking for this Bonquisha and us. "Bonquisha!" She yelled, laughing ecstatically. I kept running along with her.

I felt so much better now. I was smiling, which was rare. "Bonquisha!" I yelled, at that moment, I looked over, offering a smile to a girl. She had dark hair that flowed to her shoulders, eyeliner around her eyes, and a leather jacket on. As I ran, I didn't feel my feet underneath me. Everything went numb. Strangely, she didn't smile back. She only lifted an eyebrow; gawking at our idiocy.

But why did I want to touch her? Her skin so perfect, her beauty radiating off of her in rays of some sort. I didn't understand this... I wanted to kiss her. Developed into this girl, I didn't notice that Matrina had stopped running. When I looked back, it was too late. The pole had already knocked me off of the ground. My head hit the pavement, catching everyone's attention.

"Bro, you okay?" I sat up, rubbing the back of my head in both pain and confusion of what had just happened. I looked back at the girl who I had literally just fallen for. She had a smug look on her face. "I think I saw 'Bonquisha' walk around the building..." She walked past us, not saying another word.

Who did she think she was...? All high and mighty like that? This new girl was a mysterious one, for sure.

The End

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